In the year 3584 AU...

The world has been through a lot since the battle against Nephar in the year 1000 AU (After Unification). Battles against multiple dark gods (Nephar and Shadowfall), lunatics bent on world domination (Zachary and Lizzareth Pharos), and others have had a toll on both Lunar and the Blue Star. Much of the technology of the era has been lost as a result of those battles -- the world has gone back to a state more reliant on magic, however there are people who work to try to repair the old technology of the past and some of it has been restored, most notably by a mysterious corporation called "Blue Dragon Technologies," who also owns all the teleportation stations that are used to ship things back and forth on and between both worlds. Also lost was knowledge of the ancient goddess Althena -- only Lucia remains as the goddess of worship...

Five years earlier, the worlds had been ruled by many independant states, following the breakdown of the Unified Government. However, at that time, Dragonmaster Ares, the Four Heroes of Lucia, and Lucia's Guard unified the world under one government controlled by the Church of Lucia. Since then, the worlds have prospered, although some feel that the Church's rule is a little too strict...

The story begins in the Terran city of San Diego, birthplace of the former Demonmaster known as Kane, and one of the few cities still standing that date back to pre-unification times. Even in the future, the city remains a major port, including the home port of Lucia's Guard's naval fleet. On the waterfront, a concert is set to begin as part of a celebration of the triumph of Lucia's Guard in uniting the world. The guests of honor include Dragonmaster Ares; his companion, Eris; and the Four Heroes of Lucia: Enyo the White Knight, Cera the Blue [ninja] Mistress, Alcippe the Red Priestess, and Penthesilia the Black Mage. Our story begins just as the first act is about to take the stage...


Here you will find all information on the characters in Lunar: A Story Forgotten II. Characters will be added as they are discovered in the story (or in the case of some of the major NPCs that everyone should know about before playing, pretty much right at the start).

Non-player characters

Player Characters

Maps of the Worlds

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RPG Mechanics

These will be based on the standard IRC RPG system known by some as the "Hahnian" or "MG" system. The system has gone through many modifications in its lifetime, including some I made myself. ASF2, however, will use pretty much the plain un-modified system, just like ASF1 did. This means that, yes, combos will return! However, many of the nifty things seen elsewhere, such as in Project Apocalypse, will not be here.

Session Logs

Please note that unedited logs may have funny word-wrapping. You may want to save them to disk and open them in notepad or a simlilar program that will rewrap the words for you so they fit on screen.

Session 1: A Familiar Beginning
Session 2: Return to the Silver Star
Session 3: Isle of Dragonmasters
Session 4: Secrets Locked in Ice
Session 5: Hidden Dragon
Session 6: The New Vane
Session 7: Dungeon Crawling
Session 8: Fortunate Escape
Session 9: The Coming of Shadows
Session 10: Visions of the Past
Session 11: The Sword of Zophar
Session 12: Sibling Reunion
Session 13: Black Dragon's Abode
Session 14: Alien Necromancy
Session 15: Ares' Youth
Session 16: Raculi's Tragedy
Session 17: The Road to Rashana

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