Welcome to Lunar: A Story Forgotten
Whenever there comes a great peril
Threatening the stars silver and blue
A group of heroes shall arise
To save the worlds anew
The great heroes of the past
With names like Lou and Hiro and Alex and Dyne
Must be called upon by those of the present
To defend the current time
Evil has returned again
Accompanied by new villains from old begotten
Will these six heroes prove their worth
Or will their legend be a story forgotten...

Lunar: A Story Forgotten is my own IRC RPG based almost entirely on my fanfics. It takes place 2,000 years from now on a unified Blue Star-Silver Star system. The residents of the Blue Star (the Earth) are referred to as "Terrans" and the residents of Lunar are referred to as "Lunarians." Technology and magic have found a home on both worlds, however the Earth remains largely technological and Lunar remains largely magical. If you wish to get more background information on this RPG, you can mail me for copies of my fanfics (when I get a chance I will put them online). Also, please note that the campaign for Lunar: A Story Forgotten ended about two years ago, so please stop mailing me character submissions, okay? Thanks. :)

What's New

As of March 5, 2001

All the logs are finally online! This'll be probalby the last update to this page ever, except for a much needed HTML cleanup. :) Thanks to all of you who waited patiently to see the logs as well as those of you who participated in ASF1.

The Story

It is the year AU 1000, 2000 years since Dragonmaster Lou and the original Four Heroes of Lucia defeated Ghaleon's dark side and the remnants of the evil that was known as Zophar, and 1000 years since Dragonmaster Alex II, a direct descendant of Dragonmaster Lou and his wife, Diana, daughter of Lucia and Hiro, lead the revolution that freed both Lunar and the Blue Star from the tyranny of the Dark Pharaoh who attempted to conquer both worlds and only succeeded at unifying them...
Our story begins when a family is driving home after recently giving birth to a red-headed, green-eyed baby daughter whom they had named Alyson. Suddenly, their hover car is attacked by a group of mysterious demons. Soon afterwards, Teal, the Blue Dragon, appears and drives the demons away, but not before they had mortally wounded the parents, leaving only the baby unharmed. Teal morphs into her human form and tries to do what she can to help the family, but she is too late. With her dying words, the young mother asks Teal to take care of her baby, and Teal promises to obey her dying wish...

Meanwhile, while this is happening, festivities are taking place in Dragon City, the Terran home of the Earth-Lunar joint government to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of the unification of the two worlds. Among the crowd are six people whose fates will soon be inexplicably intertwined as well as a mysterious dark-hooded person who is watching these six very carefully. The festivities are abruptly interrupted, however, when a large gang of street punks and robots attack from a nearby slum, forcing the group to retreat into one of the most dangerous inner-city areas on either world...

Player Characters

This RPG will have six characters that will be played by the participants. However, unlike other Lunar RPGs there will be no flying cats (due to the chronology between this RPG and my fanfics there is no place for a flying cat here). Also unlike other Lunar RPGs, there will be different career choices for your characters than what you are accustomed to. Please take a look at the current character creation guidelines for more information.

So far I have all six characters signed up for the RPG (though this may change due to the fact that there may be problems with scheduling), as well as lots more people on a waiting list. For information on all the characters, please look at the characters page.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of Lunar: A Story Forgotten will have a very strong impact on the events contained within this adventure. There are two places you can visit for more information:

  1. The Friends of the Heroes. These are the characters that support the heroes in one way or another.
  2. The Enemies of the Goddess. This is where you will find all the villains trying to make life miserable for the players.

The world of A Story Forgotten

For those of you curious to see how the world has changed on both Lunar and the Blue Star in 2,000 or so years, you can find out here.

Session Logs

The edited logs of the sessions of Lunar: A Story Forgotten can be downloaded here. They are in plain text format, not html, as they are easier to maintain as such.

Session 1: Festival in Dragon City
Session 2: Raid on Pharosia
Session 3: The Birth of Temna
Session 4: The God of Destiny Awakens
Session 5: Comings and Goings
Session 6: Carnival!
Session 7: Ramus's Bounty
Session 8: Vane Flies Again
Session 9: Technological Terror
Session 10: ...And the Lark Flew No More
Session 11: On to Azado!
Session 12: Some Things Never Change
Session 13: The Shadow Falls
Session 14: Showdown by the Dragon's Eyes.
Session 15: The Return
Session 16: The Trial of Compassion
Session 17: Devils' Mine
Session 18: Thunder Quake with Fear
Session 19: Farewell Friend, Hello Knight
Session 20: Chinatown
Session 21: Weekend at Bernie's
Session 22: Bernie Gets Major Liposuction
Session 23: Allie Drops in
Session 24: Althena's Young Light
Session 25: Vengeance
Session 26: Lost in Space
Session 27: Mostly Senseless Interlude
Session 28: Transformations
Session 29: Last Lady
Session 30: Plateau of Blood
Session 31: Rashana's Haven
Session 32: The First One Falls
Session 33: The Star Grindery
Session 34: Hiro's Return
Session 35: The Mystery of Takkar
Session 36: Red Devil's Cave
Session 37: Showdown with Temna
Session 38: Land of the Viles
Session 39: Vile Tribe Family Reunion
Session 40: Tokyo Tower
Session 41: Ruby's Return
Session 42: Rats in a Maze
Session 43: The Gravity of the Situation
Session 44: Power of the Black Dragon
Session 45: Rand's Teacher
Session 46: Storming the Dragon's Fort
Session 47: Fall of Zissel
Session 48: Green-eyed Demonmaster
Session 49: Kane: Death and Rebirth
Session 50: Storming Nephar's Keep
Session 51: Entering the Coliseum
Session 52: The Final Battles...
Session 53: Epilogue I: Victory Celebration
Session 54: Epilogue II: The Next Generation

Session Log Summaries

By popular demand, I have placed summaries of the logs online.  No longer will you have to go through an entire session log just to get the gist of what went on during a particular session, you can simply refer to the appropriate summary and get right up to speed.

Lunar: A Story Forgotten Session Summaries

Combination Attacks

There are a number of combination attacks available to the players throughout their quest. To make things easier, I have place a list of all the combination attacks they have discovered here:

Lunar: A Story Forgotten Combination Attacks

Zigfried Brandl's Fan Club

As Zigfried is the biggest pop star on both worlds in AU 1000, it is only natural that his fan club has a home page. On the page you will find the lyrics to the songs he performs throughout the game. Move 'ZIG' for great justice!

Zigfried Brandl's Fan Club

More pictures

That's right, now you can see more pictures of your favorite ASF characters outside of those on the character description and fan club pages, including, by popular demand, Nina in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform! Omoshiroi desu nee!

Lunar: A Story Forgotten Additional Pictures

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