Lunar: A Story Forgotten Villains

The Neo Pharosians
This strange group isn't know for much else other than annoying the heck out of people. At some points they seem like a religious organization or a cult, but at others they just seem to be a bunch of new-age wackos. The Cult of Althena in Eternal Blue had nothing on these guys when it comes to being a general nuisance to society, but at least they don't go around asking for money, just recruits. Oddly enough, money is something they never seem to be short of, and they are rumored to have quite a few powerful members. Hopefully these guys won't bother you too much on your journey...
Neo Pharosian Logo
Updates: It turns out that the Neo Pharosians and the Cult of Althena from Eternal Blue had much more in common than originally thought. Much like the manner in which the Cult of Althena was a front for bringing back Zophar the Destroyer, the Neo Pharosians are a front for aiding another god of destruction known as Nephar. In order to accomplish this goal, they conceived numerous plots to support their dark god, such as recreating the Mechanized Army of the Vile Tribe.

The Grim Rapper
This "mutha" of a gang-lord was the leader of the group of street punks that crashed the Unification Festival in downtown Dragon City. Known for his hooded cloak, scythe, boom box, and poor language skills, this devout Neo Pharosian and supporter of Nephar proved to be a highly dangerous foe for our heroes. He may have even defeated them, had a blue-haired young woman named Teal not come to their aid...

Nephar is Zophar's younger brother. He is a destroyer much like his infamous older sibling, however at the time of the Blue Star's original destruction at Zophar's hands, Nephar was considerably weaker than his big brother. As a result of this sibling rivalry, Nephar traversed the universe on a quest to become more powerful than Zophar was even after he claimed Althena's power. This new destroyer, now much older, stronger, and wiser than Zophar was, is planning to leave his own mark on the universe by destroying both Lunar and the Blue Star and succeeding where his brother had failed. However, the source of his new found power is still a mystery...
Update: Nephar apparently visited the distant Leiria Star System, located in the Andromeda Galaxy, in his travels. It was there he met with Zissel and formed his alliance with Shadowfall.

Synthetica was a female android created 1000 years earlier by the Dark Pharaoh. Her purpose was to lead the Mechanized Army of the Vile Tribe's conquest of Lunar during the Unification War. At that time she was the most advanced android ever built -- a tribute to the twisted genius of the Dark Pharaoh.

In A Story Forgotten, however, when the heroes came across information on her within the Neo Pharosian robotics lab below their headquarters, they also discovered that another android prototype had been under development...

Synthetica by Miko
This is a male android that was designed and perhaps created within the Neo Pharosian robotics lab located beneath their headquarters. Very little is known about him except that his basic design may share many things in common with Synthetica's. Originally known as "Prototype 2" until his identity was revealed at the Mystic Ruins, he has inherited the title of commander of the Mechanized Army of the Vile Tribe. He is now the White Devil of Nephar.
Mechanotron - by Luna
Temna is a genetically engineered humanoid created at the Neo Pharosian gene plant outside the small town of Stow. She is the result of combining human DNA with that of monsters and various other predatory creatures. Surprisingly, despite the unusual mix of DNA in her cells, she maintained a fairly humanoid appearance. However, she is just as intelligent and cunning as a human and also possesses the ability to spit acid and poison.

Temna is the result of research by a Neo Pharosian geneticist that started twelve years earlier just outside of Dragon City. This geneticist was an expert at breeding monsters, and some of his creations at the beginning of his research went on a rampage that killed Scott's parents. While this scientist did not live to see his research completed, the ultimate embodiment of that research lives on in the form of Temna...

Temna is now the Red Devil of Nephar.

Temna - by Luna
Nykhan is another genetically engineered humanoid created by the Neo Pharosians. Unlike Temna, Nykhan only possesses human genetic material. However, he was cloned from the combined genetic material of some of the most notorious tyrants, madmen, and military leaders of history.

Nykhan was created at a clone lab in the arctic town of Dybach. He would be introduced at the ceremony at the Mystic Ruins, where he became the Black Devil of Nephar.

Nykhan - By Luna
Dr. Zachary Oliver Pharos, AKA The Dark Pharaoh
The Dark Pharaoh was the enemy Dragonmaster Alex II faced one thousand years before the events in A Story Forgotten. He was defeated in a climactic battle over Lunar in his mobile space fortress, the Star Grindery. It was Pharos who unified the Silver and Blue Stars and who was the antagonist during the Unification War. It was Pharos who created Synthetica, the Mechanized Army of the Vile Tribe, and now Mechanotron.

Nephar brought Pharos back to lead the Neo Pharosians, a group whose purpose was to pave the way for the dark god's arrival. He is one of three humans Nephar called upon in order to get the power of humanity working on his side. Immensely powerful, Pharos easily captured all four Dragons and Alys, and was the one that withdrew the auras from the Dragons and gave them to the Four Devils.

The group met Pharos outside the lab in Dybach, where he had just captured Teal and Alys. After what can barely be termed a battle, Pharos easily trounced the heroes and disappeared with his new catch...

Jonathan Frakes as Pharos - By Luna
Zissel was a dark wizard Nephar met during his distant journeys across the cosmos to make him more powerful than Zophar was. Zissel agreed to aid Nephar is his plot on the assumption that this dark god will help him destroy his own home world. He is the only one of the Four Devils that was not expressly created for the job, and the only one that is a natrually-born, if alien-looking, human. Nephar trusts him as he has no reason not to want Lunar and the Earth destroyed. After the ceremony at the Mystic Ruins, Zissel became the Blue Devil of Nephar.
Update: Zissel is apparently from the distant Leiria Star System, in the Andromeda Galaxy, and it was through him that Nephar and Shadowfall formed their alliance.
Zissel - By Luna
Demonmaster Kane:
One of greatest villains in the history of the Blue Star has returned from the past. Killed two thousand years ago at the hands of Dragonmaster Lou and the other original Five Heroes of Lucia, Nephar has brought him back in the same manner he brought Pharos back. It was Kane who killed Azura, Teal's mother and the former Blue Dragon, an act for which Teal and Ebony still have not forgiven him.

This enemy from the past emerged from the shadows shortly after the Four Devils were introduced, appearing in the topmost room of the Mystic Ruins. Since his battle with the original Five Heroes of Lucia, Kane has mastered a host of new magics and skills, making him apparently more powerful than even the Dark Pharaoh, and perhaps giving him power comparable to Nephar himself!

Kane first met the group at the Unification Festival at Dragon City, wearing a hooded cloak to disguise his identity. Later he accompanied the group, using the pseudonym "Lou," in the Dybach Clone Labs as part of an action to ascertain their strength and keep them away from Teal and Alys so that Pharos could capture them. Even here, Kane demonstrated his formidable swordsmanship skills, decimating all enemies that opposed him with legendary techniques such as Poe Sword and Schitzo Blade. When the party again met him in the Mystic Ruins, he finally revealed his true identity and proceeded to manhandle the heroes much like he did the monsters in the Clone Lab. Before he left, however, Kane again taunted the party and mentioned that he expected to meet them again...

Update: Kane apparently seems to have a fondness for black roses.
Update: Kane has apparently defeated the White Cloaked Man in single combat.
Update: Kane is unable or unwilling to do any harm to Allie for some reason...
Update: Kane apparently was separated from an older sister when he was orphaned as an infant, and is currently very close with a Dr. Susan Lena, who is descended from his sister and is his only living relative.
Update: Kane turns out to be the sixth Hero of Lucia and his sword is the "Crest" of Justice. He was originally meant to be a Dragonmaster, however, the circumstances of his youth turned him away from that path.
Update: Kane never harmed Allie because Alys ends up marrying (from the looks of the Epilogue anyway) Dr. Lena's son.

Demonmaster Kane - By Luna

The "Bird-man"
This being is the current leader of the original Vile Tribe, as well as being Nina's father. Very little is known about him, except that he plans to use the chaos generated by the Neo Pharosian assault to escalate the original Vile Tribe back to a position of power and fear on Lunar...

Lark was a powerful Neo Pharosian android that had taken control of Vane in an attempt to return it to the skies, only for it to later crash into the Star Tower, destroying both in the process. Heavily armed and armored, Lark proved to be a very difficult challenge for our small band of heroes, but it was a challenge they were able to meet.

Shadowfall is a strange alien demon that is worshiped as a god by Zissel, the Blue Devil. This alien evil first appeared in the form of an apprentice priest in the town of Azado. He sent the heroes on a quest to recover a sea chart from the Azado Tower. However, the chest containing the chest was booby-trapped to release the Corpse Crusher when it was opened. After the Corpse Crusher was defeated, the party returned to the home of the apprentice priest, only to find out that this alien demon was possessing his body. Shadowfall then attempted to possess Callie's body, but Danny interfered. This prevented the possession, but sadly it also resulted in Danny's death as well as the death of the poor apprentice whose body had been possessed previously. The magic used by Shadowfall is completely alien to these worlds, and the native magics seem to have little to no effect against it. There is a legend, though, about an alien item of good magic that may be able defeat the unholiness that is Shadowfall.
Update: Shadowfall was imprisoned in the fourth planet of the distant Leiria Star System, located in the Andromeda Galaxy. He formed his alliance with Nephar after this dark god freed him from his prison.

This Neo Pharosian slob holds the "distinction" of being the fattest guy on both worlds since Borgan ate the Magic Guild of Vane out of house and home. Outside of his weight problem, he was also known to be a poor Neo Pharosian recruiter who often got on the bad side of other Neos by treating them badly when they came to visit.

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