Lunar: A Story Forgotten Characters

California "Callie" Leose
Played by: Mia Ausa
Callie is originally from the town of Rashana, which was located in the Salyan Desert on Lunar. Rashana was a failed experiment at establishing a high-tech community on Lunar. When Callie was a small child, a sudden flash flood killed everyone in the town except for her, and it also resulted in memory loss, hence her unusual name. Because of the events in her home town, Callie's become a fervent machine-hater, dedicated to getting all the things off of Lunar, though she could care less about the Blue Star. This tends to get her in lots of trouble. She is very skilled with a sword and very acrobatic as well. She is also extremely attractive, being a human-beast hybrid along the lines of Jessica or Mauri though she appears nothing like them. She is at the Unification festival because she hopes the large crowds there will make her more difficult to track down.
Callie in color - by Mia Ausa
Kyoko Ayukawa
Played by: Ryouga Hibiki

Kyoko is a Priestess of Althena who lives at the New Althena's Shrine just outside of current-day Meribia. She is a very sweet and caring individual who is also extremely courageous when the time comes to defend an innocent. As a one-month old baby, she was left in a basket on the steps of the Shrine with a note asking that someone please take care of her and give her the life she deserves. She has no idea who her real parents were, though it is strongly possible they were from Meribia due to the close proximity of the city to the Shrine. While not being the strongest fighter offensively, her myriad of healing and assist litanies will prove to be very useful. She is at the festival as it is currently time for her vacation from the Shrine and she felt this would be the idea place to spend it.
Update: Kyoko has decided to carry the Crest of Compassion, and in so doing became the current Red Priestess.
Sailor Kyoko :)
Played by: Scott Kroush
Scott is a muscular adventurer best known for his trademark sword and hat. He is very friendly to the people he meets, but tries not to get particularly close to any of them out of fear that they may get killed. Very little is known about him except that he may have grown up in the vicinity of Dragon City and that his parents were killed by monsters just outside this city. His current goal is to avenge the death of his family by hunting down the master of these monsters. He is also a very skilled swordsman and has the ability to heal himself if needed. He is visiting the festival to take a break from all his adventuring and to see if the master of those creatures that killed his family is among the people there.
Update: Scott has decided to carry the Crest of Courage, and in so doing became the current White Knight.

Played by: Dave Hozempa
Darkside is an assassin who specializes in the use of katanas and thrown weapons. He does not take criticism well and will do nearly anything for a quick silver piece. He does love to make jokes however and tends to be quite the romantic lady's man. He can often be found at various strip clubs around both planets. His dream is to be known as the greatest fighter in the land and to be feared by all except his friends. He became an assassin because as a young child he was forced to grow up on the streets. He has no idea on his past or on who trained him to be the deadly killer he is today. His handling of the katana is unmatched and can be backed up with fire magic as well. No one is quite sure why he is at the festival, but the politicians there had better hope they aren't the reason...
Update: Sadly, Darkside felt he could no longer deal with the difficulties of being a hero and left the party near Stow...

Major Sage
Played by: Fonzerely Sage is a paladin and an officer in the Unified Army of Lunar and Earth. He is quite muscular and imposing, especially while wearing his impressive silver-gray and navy-blue uniform, a result of his many years of training. He primarily joined the army to fight for the glory of his hometown of Dragonsclaw, but he is also very devoted to keeping the peace on both worlds. In his relatively short career he has already advanced to the rank of major, and his loyalty is unmatched by any other soldier. He dreams of one day being the head of the Unified Army. His preferred weapon is a sword, which his father taught him well how to use, and he learned healing and thunder magic from his mother. Besides advancing his military career, Sage also hopes to find his brother Samson, who disappeared from his home when he was just five years old. His role at the Unification festival is that of chief of security.
Update: In Nota, Sage met up with his commanding officer, General Leo, who reassigned him and sent Lt. General Daniel Capote to replace him.

Zigfried Brandl
Played by: Ghaleon Dragonstar
Zigfried is the hottest pop star on both the Blue and Silver Stars. His best instrument is the piano, though he prefers to just sing and let his band perform most of the accompanying music. He is not that tall, but he is fairly lanky, giving him the illusion of height. Both his eyes and hair are an unusual grayish white, and his eyes tend to be someone unnerving as they tend to usually appear to be out of focus. He is a hard worker, and he uses music to relieve his tension. He is a very dedicated individual who will never back down on a cause. He is even willing to break laws if necessary. He also tries to keep his ego from running away with him. His parents were animal trainers, and he became strongly attached to owls, even developing a skill group based on their ways. His parents died in an accident at a magic refinery when he was 16, and things looked bleak for him until he started singing again. His preferred weapons are claws and light firearms and he does not like to wear heavy armor. His role at the festival is that of lead performer!
Update: Zigfried begrudglingly decided to carry the Crest of Honor, and in so doing became the current Blue Master.
Played by: Captain Blake
Nina was born on Lunar and despite her appearance is no ordinary beast-person. Nina is in fact one of the last remaining descendants of the original (not Mechanized) Vile Tribe, the same Vile Tribe that served under Magic Emperor Ghaleon and Xenobia and was eventually defeated by the original Dragonmaster Alex. Her father was a bird-man (referred to as a "Birdbrain" in Lunar:TSS), but her mother was human. Nina's father possessed the ability to take on a human form, and it was in this form he met Mina, Nina's mother. The bird-man abandoned the woman, and Mina got pregnant and months later gave birth to what apparently was a normal baby girl. However, once Nina hit adolescence, her wings started to appear, forcing Mina to flee to the wilderness with her daughter. Mina taught her daughter everything she would need to survive on her own, and when the young half-Vile reached adulthood, both mother and daughter went on a mission to locate her father. They were ambushed by Vile Tribesmen and Mina was killed. Nina was only spared when the Tribesmen noticed her wings, and she was brought before her father along with her mother's corpse. The bird-man recognized what had happened, and rejected his daughter, leaving her to die in the desert. Nina survived, but she was shunned in every town due to her Vile heritage. Eventually, she decided to try to go to the Blue Star, hoping for a fresh start on a world lacking in knowledge about her paternal ancestors. It was during this quest that she met the party on the Madoria Plains...
Update: After an accident involving the venom of the Lunar Frontier Cactus, Nina reverted to a full "Birdbrain" form. However, an anti-toxin was found which returned her to her normal self.
Update: Nina has decided she deserves the title of "hero" and has agreed to carry the Crest of Wisdom, making her the current Black Mage.

Lt. General Daniel "Danny" Capote
Played by: Danny Capote
Lt. General Daniel Capote, "Danny" to his friends, hails from Meribia and also served under General Leo in the Unified Army. He was General Leo's hand-picked officer to replace Major Sage when Sage was reassigned. He is thirty years old, well tanned, has dark eyes and hair, and is considered attractive. He also has a very kind heart, especially among women, and has a reputation as a ladies' man. He is the archetypal noble soldier, wanting to keep the peace and always doing his duty. His father was also a military man, and he was trained from a young age to be a soldier. When he finally joined, his superior officers treated him harshly. However, as his rank progressed he did the opposite, treating his subordinates with kindness and respect, helping him gain his current high rank. The Lt. General first met the group in the tavern in Nota, after General Leo assigned him to replace Major Sage.
Update: Just after helping defeat the Corpse Crusher in the Azado Tower, Danny was killed while trying to protect Callie from an alien demon known as Shadowfall that apparently accompanied Zissel to the Silver and Blue Stars.

Played by: Windstar
Darken was originally from Dragon City, but he was orphaned after his parents died of a fatal illness and moved with his aunt at the New Althena's Shrine just outside Meribia. At the shrine, Darken learned various non-magical healing techniques and became very skilled at his art. Things changed, however, when a party of thieves and barbarians attacked the shrine and Darken found himself helpless to assist those he cared most about. In order to protect the shrine from similar attacks in the future, Darken trained with a sword and practiced powerful offensive magic. After hearing about the attack on Dragon City, Darken mysteriously left the temple and was not seen until after the incident with Shadowfall in Azado. Darken is roughly five-foot-six in height with short brown hair and intensely bright blue eyes. He is kind and caring, but he also tends to be very protective.
Update: Windstar fell victim to a Neo Pharosian booby trap and had to leave the party in search of a cure for the rare poison the trap injected into his system.

Played by: Michael Gibson
Rand is a Lunarian wanderer who joined the party near the town of Seadragon. Overall, he looks like an average Lunarian. He is of average height and attractiveness, with short black hair. His only exceptional features are his eyes, which are a very bright, almost luminescent, green. He dresses almost entirely in black. This has the effect of making his unusual eyes stand out even more.
Rand likes to live fast and loose. As a result, he will often ignore orders and even laws if they don't suit his current purposes. This also manifests itself in his fighting style and magic use. In both cases, he tends to leap before he looks, often causing disastrous backfires.
Rand has a desire to see the worlds and all of their possibilities because he believes that while traveling, he will be free of the rules and regulations he dislikes.
Even as a young boy, Rand showed promise as a great magic user. He easily picked up some minor skills just by watching others perform them, but his skills were coarse and unrefined. They often didn't perform quite as expected and sometimes they rebounded back to Rand. His parents tried to encourage his skill, they believed that it would be a great honor to have a family member enter the Magic Guild. To help him along, they sent Rand off to learn under a more experienced magic user. Rand did not like this at all. He hated the structure and ritual that was required to learn and wield magic, so, shortly after his arrival, he ran away. Rand decided to wander the worlds, looking for something more interesting, and less restrictive, than where he came from.

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