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Alyson (Alys)
This young infant with red hair and green eyes was orphaned soon after she was born when some demons attacked her parents' hover car. Her parents were killed, and she would most likely have been too if the Blue Dragon hadn't appeared to save her. However, what is so special about this baby and her family that the demons wanted to kill them in the first place...
Update: It turns out that Alys is, in fact, the last living descendant of Dragonmaster Lou and his wife, Diana. As a result of her descent from Diana, who was Lucia's and Hiro's daughter and only child, she is the last of their descendants as well. As for the rest of the family, all but her had been killed off in mysterious accidents over the past five hundred years, and these accidents may be linked to Nephar's arrival. Much like her ancestors Hiro, Lou, and the second Dragonmaster Alex, she is destined to become a Dragonmaster and to save the world from a terrible evil. However, as a result of this destiny, she is being hunted down by those who serve Nephar...
Update: Alys has been kidnapped by Dr. Zachary Oliver Pharos, AKA the Dark Pharaoh!
Alys by Luna
Teal the Blue Dragon Teal, The Blue Dragon
The Blue Dragon saved Alys from being killed by those aforementioned demons. When Alys's mother died, she begged that the Dragon take care of her baby and find her a good home, and the Dragon agreed to fulfill her dying wish. Still, why was the Blue Dragon watching over that family to begin with...
Update: Teal saved our heroes from being killed at the hands of the Grim Rapper and revealed to them the story of Nephar and the true purpose of the Neo Pharosians. However, for some reason, she is trying to cover up her true identity as the Blue Dragon...
Update: Teal's Aura was stolen from her and transferred to Zissel, the Blue Devil.
Teal's Human Form - By Luna
Black Dragon Ebony Ebony, The Black Dragon
Ebony is the current Tetrarch of the Dragon Tribe and knows more about the histories of Lunar and Earth than anyone else except perhaps for Lucia. You will need his help at one point...
Update: Ebony, along with the other Dragons, has temporarily joined the party during their quest to return to the Blue Star.
Update: Ebony's Aura was stolen from him and transferred to Nykhan, the Black Devil.
Ebony's Human Form - By Luna
Ruby, The Red Dragon
Yes, Ruby's still around and she's second in command of the Dragon Tribe now. She has mellowed a bit in her old age, but she still can have that same fire that she had in her youth. With her assistance you will learn a startling secret...
Update: Ruby's Aura was stolen from her and transferred to Temna, the Red Devil.
Ruby as a human. Courtesy of Lily Hemady :)

Hiro, The White Dragon
Ruby got Nall to agree to naming their son after her favorite human and the former White Dragon gave in to her. It was preferable to being torched to death! :) Hiro has taken over for his father as Nall had since passed away of old age. Still, his youthful vigor as the youngest of the Four Dragons could lead some interesting insight on your quest...
Update: Hiro's Aura was stolen from him and transferred to Mechanotron, the White Devil.

Lucia is the current guardian of both the Blue Star and Lunar at this point. Visiting her seems like a necessity if our heroes intend to save both worlds...

General Leo
General Leo is Sage's current commanding officer. He plays a very minor plot role, but you will meet him fairly early on. He seems to be a fairly inept leader though and often would call upon Sage for advice in strategic planning. It was he that stationed Sage at the festival, figuring that this young soldier would be the best man for the job. General Leo also would later reassign Sage and replace him in the party with Lt. General Daniel Capote.

The Lone Warrior AKA the White Cloaked Man
During the Neo Pharosian siege on Dragon City, the Unified Army was beaten back severely as they could not stand up to the power of the Neo Pharosian monsters and machines. However, just when the moment appeared bleakest, a mysterious warrior appeared out of nowhere and single-handedly defeated the Neo Pharosian forces. No one knows who this warrior is, though some believe he may in fact be Ghaleon reincarnated yet again... He would appear to the party later at a distance after West Nota is decimated by Pharos. It was at this point the group saw his trademark white cloak which masks his identity. The White Cloaked Man confronted Pharos and defeated him easily, though he chose not to kill him. He was able to rout Pharos single-handedly by means of an ancient spell called Dragon Cannon...
Update: The White Cloaked Man confronted Pharos in single combat again, in a battle where he agreed not to use magic and to only use his sword. However, even this handicap was not enough to give Pharos a chance as victory, as the White Cloaked Man again routed the Dark Pharaoh, with Pharos barely even able to scratch him. After this battle, it was revealed that he too is a warrior from the past and that he somehow is linked to the lives of both a Dragonmaster and of Demonmaster Kane.
Update: The White Cloaked Man was apparently defeated by Demonmaster Kane not far from the town of Seadragon.

Jeanne is a descendant of Jean from Lunar: Eternal Blue and keeps up the family tradition by being the top dancer at the Madoria Carnival. The party paid her a visit hoping that her ancestors may have passed along information they could use to help defeat Nephar.

This current generation Ramus is the owner of the largest chain of stores on both worlds and still lives and sets his headquarters in Meribia. However, he needs to hire the group to rescue one of his tour groups that got lost in the infamous Meribian sewers...

Marina Ausa
Marina Ausa is the current Premier of the Vane Magic Guild. She met most the group when they came to rescue Vane from the clutches of a Neo Pharosian android named Lark. However, she had known Scott from about five years earlier when she saved his life during a monster-hunting mission gone bad. After Vane is saved, the also provides valuable information to the heroes about the whereabouts and trials associated with the Heroes' Crests.

This young girl literally dropped in on the party when she fell off of a watch tower in New Saith and on top of Teal. She appears to be about nine years old, with blonde pig-tails and wearing gleaming white armor with a small sword at her side. Allie also refuses to explain what she is doing in New Saith, other than she was sent by her aunt to find the "fragment" in order to save her mother.  Most of the party took a liking to her and vice versa with the exception of Zigfried for some reason.
Update: Allie apparently has the ability to cast some of Lucia's magic, such as Althena's Love, Spark Cannon, Soul Rush, and Plasma Rain, and for good reason -- Allie is a descendant of the Goddess Tribe! Apparently, Allie in actuality is the Alys's daughter from the future who was sent back in time by her "Aunt" Lucia in order to recover the Goddess Crest Fragment in order to help her mother somehow.

Alyssa comes from the Leiria Star System, which is also the home of Shadowfall and Zissel. Alyssa, however, was the leader of the Star Force, the Leirian equivalent of Althena's / Lucia's Heroes. Equipped with their Star Crests and the Star Light Sword, it was their job to protect the three planets of Leiria: Sourria, Mirandela, and Ericeira, from Shadowfall and his minions. However, during Shadowfall's last attack, they failed, as he was joined by a new enemy they did not know how to handle, Nephar...

Astra is the Star Goddess that brought life to the Leiria Star System. She died while imprisoning Shadowfall within his home planet and used her remaining power to create the Star Crests and Star Light Sword to make sure Shadowfall would never escape...

Dr. Susan Lena
Dr. Lena is the head of pediatric toxicology at the Puresea Children's Hospital. A gifted and caring physician, she is late-term pregnant when we first meet her and later on gives birth to a son. However, she also has a secret. Demonmaster Kane was not only separated from his parents when he was orphaned as an infant, but from an older sister as well, and Dr. Lena is a direct descendant of Kane's sister. Because of this, Kane has declared the area around the hospital a "safe zone," so that his only living relatives may be safe from the current war...

The Six Heroes' Crests

After the battle between the second coming of Ghaleon's dark side and Lucia's original Five Heroes, the Dragons' Crests were lost. However, to replace them, six Heroes' Crests were created, each containing the essence of the power of humanity of these ancient heroes. Each crest represents the virtue most exhibited by the corresponding hero, but to earn the crest our party must pass a trial of the matching virtue. However, six crests were created even though there were only five heroes. The origin of the sixth crest is a mystery even to Teal. The heroes and virtues are as follows:

Black Mage Lia: The Crest of Wisdom
Red "Priest" Luke: The Crest of Compassion
Blue Master Ken: The Crest of Honor
White Knight Alexis: The Crest of Courage
Dragonmaster Lou: The Crest of Resolve
Kane: The Crest of Justice

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