Project Apocalypse

What a piece of work is man!
How noble in reason!
How infinite in faculty!
In form and moving, how express and admirable!
In action, how like an angel!
In apprehension, how like a god!

William Shakespeare


Welcome to the homepage of the Project Apocalypse IRC RPG. Project Apocalypse is a follow up to my Lunar: A Story Forgotten RPG of sorts. It is not a sequel, but the lessons learned from ASF will be applied here.

Mirzha's Sky

Project Apocalypse takes place in a [pretty much] completely original universe, on the planet Mirzha. Mirzha is a small, Earth-like planet that has two moons in the sky. The Ivory Moon looks much like our own moon, and the Sapphire Moon is another blue world. Mirzha also has some similarities to other worlds, and these will be explained through the plot. If something seems unusual, don't worry, it will all be explained in due time...

Project Apocalypse takes place [almost] every Sunday night at 7:00 Eastern on the #parpg channel on LunarNet IRC.

What's New?

As of July 8, 2000

Log 19 and log 20 have been edited and put online. Also, updated information is online on the nations of Mirzha, the Founders, Dragoona , villains, and allies .

The World and Its Inhabitants

Mirzha, although small, is a beautiful and lush world with many different peoples and nations. Most of these exist on the main continent of the planet, however there are islands scattered around its oceans where other civilizations may or may not exist. This section provides background information that most, if not all, inhabitants of Mirzha should know, so I don't consider any of it to be spoilers.

Mirzha's main continent, known for some strange reason as "Haven," is home to its nine nations. While these nations may not agree on everything, fortunately, for the sake of trade, they have standardized on a universal unit of currenty, the Cira.

Technology across most of Mirzha ranges from medievil to sixteenth-century Europe. There are also a few pockets of higher technology, such as Technomage villages.

Cool sword

RPG Mechanics

Session Logs

Please note that unedited logs may have funny word-wrapping. You may want to save them to disk and open them in notepad or a simlilar program that will rewrap the words for you so they fit on screen.

Session 1: The Night of Falling Stars
Session 2: Welcome to the Jungle
Session 3: Of Darkness and Light
Session 4: The Great Domed City
Session 5: The Ebonic Founder
Session 6: Cruel Angel's Thesis
Session 6a: LeBeau and Rista...
Session 7: The Sleeping Destroyer
Session 8: Creation of Angels
Session 9: Alseides Awakens!
Session 10: The Pieces Begin Falling into Place
Session 11: Neptune Rises
Session 12: Richard's Homecoming
Session 13: The War of the Mages Ends
Session 14: The Arch-Tenshi of Light
Session 15: City of Monks
Session 16: LeBeau's Rival
Session 17: Kasumi's Airship
Session 18: Demonmistress Dragoona?
Session 19: Children of an Ancient Battle
Session 20: The Child of Light
Session 21: The Destroyer Awakens
Session 22: Kasumi, Kane, and Antonius
Session 23: Gineyres at last!
Session 24: Alseides Awakens

Special Thanks

Not everyone is listed here yet, but first I would like to thank Miko for some of the art you may find scattered around these pages (just hold your mouse over the picture and wait for a little message to pop up to see which ones she made).

Please mail any questions or comments to Dragonmaster Lou.