Who is this Sara person?

Hi. You clicked this link because you wanted to know who I am if you didn't already, and if you do know me already you probably wanted to find out more or just think about me in a multimedia format. If you want the quick info, the small talk plus a bit of insight into my perspective on life and such, feel free to examine the Fast Facts.

Now, maybe you are in the category of already knowing me and just want to see pictures, or maybe you read the fast facts and want to know what I look like, aside from your basic 6 feet tall, golden brown hair, blue eyes stuff. In that case, you can check out some pictures of me. If you are just a visual person and need to get an abstract sense of what I'm like (portayed in a very positive, some might even say egotistical, light), I made a collage out of words and pictures that have relevance to who I am.

I think that people are often more easily understood if the people who are special to them are understood. So, you can check out Sara's Special People and see and read about my family and friends. Note on the friends...I consider a lot of people to be my friends, so chances are, if I know you, you are my friend even though you're not on the page.

I am totally ripping off my friend Liz C. on this because I think it's a rocking idea. This is the "Do(n't) Date List", which chronicles good things (DO) and not so good things (DON'T) about theoretical male companions. You might as well read hers too (which differs from mine, of course, because we're different people.)

Some other random stuff related to me
Where I spent the past 4 years (sort of)
Where I'm currently in grad school
The lab where I work
my a-capella group at Brown
Songs that have gotten stuck in my head
A running list of things that I've written on my hand as reminders

Thank you for being curious as to who I am. Figuring out what I'm like will probably help you understand the rest of the website.

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