The people who are special to me


Elizabeth/Bonnie (mom)
My mother is an amazing woman, and I'm not sure she really believes that or not. Primarily she has been and continues to be probably the best mother I've encountered, and not just because she can get out any stain I can acquire. She's absolutely hilarious, super caring, and very creative.She always let me and my sisters be individuals and applauded us for it, and how well we have turned out is a testament to her abilities. I am sure that my sense of humor, my musical ability, and my need to help others come from her.

John (dad)
Einstein, Edison, Fermi, Marconi, my father. He is a genius, an inventor who loves to revive the creations of the past and dream about those of the future. He knows how to control the elements and use their synergy to improve the world. He has taught me to not just perceive, but understand, to explore the science behind everything, and to not lose myself in the drive to know everything there is to know.

Hannah (sister)
I remember the day Hannah was born, I was sitting on the couch with my babysitters Helen and Ralph, and we were watching the moon. Sometimes looking at the moon reminds me of her, in fact. Hannah has been my sidekick (or perhaps I have been hers) for a long time, forming the other half of my comedy team, keeping my peculiarities in check while still understanding the value of talking in accents and making up songs. People have always said that I was more like the typical younger sister and she was more like the older. Despite being dramatic, she always has had a grip on reality that I was more likely to place in the background of my dreams and schemes. Most of all, we have always entertained each other, and now that we hardly see each other anymore, I sometimes get bored. Hannah has helped me to extend the reaches of my personality.

Liisa (sister)
When you're young, the coolest person around is usually your older sibling, and in this case that definitely holds true. Even now, when she is my "little" sister, she is still forging a path through life and making it easier for me to survive, by demonstrating important stages of life before I get there. Close enough to my age to be a peer still, yet old enough to provide guidance from experience. She is more talented that she believes. I should know, because I laid inside the piano while she played "Great Gates of Kiev" 20 some odd years ago. Regardless, she always seems brave whatever she's doing, and I attribute some of my courage to her.

Corey (brother-in-law)
I say brother-in-law, but I really mean brother. We were always all girls, no brothers...and it is very cool to finally have one. He always greets me with a hug and a smile, and he emits an aura of energy that is amazing and indescribable. He has contributed to my humor, taught me to listen carefully because some of the most interesting things being said in conversations aren't the loudest, and not to discount shy, softspoken people.

Wyatt (nephew)
Unformed potential is the most beautiful thing, and Wy has it in spades. He is brilliant, inquisitive, has an awesome sense of humor, and best of all seems very happy. I can't even comprehend how amazing he will be because he is amazing already. Truthfully, young children never seemed very interesting to me, but I have completely changed my mind. I want to teach him so many things because I can see that he wants to understand, and that is the most important part of learning. Warning to Wy's future classmates: If you harass this boy because he is intelligent, has freckles, and red will have all of the above people and myself to contend with.

Katie (cousin)
Katie is the only cousin that I spend a lot of time with, because the rest are in New York. She is definitely the spunkiest person I know, and is like a ray of sunshine in a room she enters. She exemplifies success and grace in the face of difficulties that would have stopped anyone else, and her choice to become a Navy medic and nurse is amazing and super-respectable.

Special Friend

Joe Francese
Imagine my luck, to be able to find someone who just might be my ideal complement. We're tall, we're scientists, and we're gonna confuse and delight you with our sarcasm. We can practically read each other's minds. He integrated seamlessly into my life, gets along well with my friends, drives almost the same vehicle as I do, and fits me perfectly when hugging. He beats me at everything, even things I thought I was good at (Trivial Pursuit, swimming, Scrabble, to name a few) and I hold the one time I beat him at Chinese Checkers as a special trophy. That said, it's not a competition, and it makes me proud to see him win things.


Gina Barbieri
She lived so close to me, yet I never saw her enough. Gina B. understood the value of summer boys, beaches, and most of all fun.

Shawn Bachan
Definitely the liveliest person I've had the fortune to spend time with, his cooking, fashion sense, and sense of humor make him an excellent companion.

Melissa Bustos
My roommate for freshman year and friend forever, even though we've left Brown. She and I gossipped over Ben and Jerry's, the A&F Quarterly, and whatever was going on in our lives. She's going to publish my book someday.

Jeanette Campos
Jeanette has been a lab partner, but she has also been a reading partner, a chatting partner, and a laughing at silly stuff partner. She might be coming to BUMP...I sincerely hope so.

Noah Cooper
Intense and highly intriguing, I've known Noah since my freshman year (although he isn't a fellow Brunonian.) A big fan of exploring the "roads and rails" of various cities, we always have a lot of fun together, and he is one of few people who challenges me appropriately.

Christopher Crew
Guys this sweet should be illegal. A brilliant poet and super caring, he's always happy to see me it seems and ready with an offer of a hug and great vegetarian food.

Laurie Fila
Laurie was my roommate for my first summer here in Woods Hole, when we were both interns. She is a wonderful listener and the sort of person that you really feel caring about you. She is also a lot of fun.

Veronica Gross
Veronica was my neighbor for my senior year, sure, but she's also the most empowered woman I know. She knows what she wants and gets it, and I can talk to her about things that few are willing to listen to.

Scott Howard
He lived in the town next to mine but we didn't figure it out for a long while, when we did, the fun began. He's highly magnetic, unbelievably fun to talk to, and consistently leaves me smirking. Unfortunately I've lost contact with him over the past Scott, if you read this, get in touch.

Nik Lochmatow
Class, comfort, and knowledge combine in Nik, who is as happy riding a motorcycle for 2 hours just to get pizza or clams as he is getting dressed up and going out for an expensive dinner. He and I bond over cars, good places to drive, and interesting places to eat.

Emmett Luty
Once in a great while somebody comes along that fits you perfectly, and being with them makes you feel comfortable and happy. Em is overwhelmingly wonderful in far too many ways to list them all, although I've tried.

Chris Mastrangelo
Indeed a master of angels as well as demons, Chris is a catalyst that makes the ordinary world an interesting place to live. His art is compelling, his mind is unnerving, and his conversation is brilliant.

Craig McMannus
Craig is a troublemaker, and I love him for it. He and I filled the waters of Discovery Bay, Jamaica with mischievous snickering, and generally entertain each other whenever we're together. He rocks for many reasons, one of which is his tardigrade tattoo.

Ryan Mooney
The only person who seems to always know what to say and how to say it, Ryan is the focal point of much adoration. Although he is in Australia, I know we will be life-long friends and that I will get to spend more time with him someday.

Melissa Novak
Melissa is my "going out" partner. If the evening is boring, Melissa knows where we should go and who we should talk to. It's always an adventure, and we have tons of stories to tell about our evenings ravaging the Cape and South Shore.

Moriah Nutting
The only beach friend that is still near the beach and still my friend, she is always willing to go out with me, to go to movies, sit at Bickfords or Friendly's, and drive trying to get lost. She's wonderful company and has made many a summer night much more interesting.

Sean O'Daniels
Sean is polite, kind, and absolutely hilarious. He was my dive buddy in Washington, my Halloween date (I was a Nereid, he was a hockey player), and my fellow American at the Canucks game. We've stayed in touch, and I am very glad of that. I hope we can live closer to each other some day.

Mark Pickett
Mark is amazingly funny, fun, and intelligent. He's currently far away in North Carolina, but we visit when we can and always have a wonderful time. He knows me very well and because of that can always make me laugh.Whenever I feel remotely unhappy I know I can call him and within a few minutes feel wonderful again.

Jonathan Robadue
Jonathan was my boyfriend for about 3 years. I am so glad that I have always loved him as a friend because it has made the transition so much easier. He's brilliant, talented, and very introspective, and I hope I can always rely on him.

Grey Sample
Grey is vibrant, in everything that he does. His musical and acting skills are very entertaining, and he loves the ocean almost as much as I do. He's in Jamaica now for Peace Corps, making the world a better place.

Lawrence Solomon
Of all the people I've lost contact with, I am the happiest to be back in regular conversation with Lawrence. His talents are abundant, his opinions are well-defined and very interesting, and it is all tempered with an easy to converse with nature that is truly an asset.

Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte and I have always been close friends, and we continually find more things that we have in common, like sailing (although I haven't sailed for a long time.) Like all close high school friends, when I see her again it's as if we have never been apart.

Elizabeth Thompson
Liz and I have been best friends at Brown, and I hope never to lose contact with her even though she has moved to Seattle. We've shared so many stories, experiences, and problems that we could probably recite each other's lives.

Ellen Tuzzolo
Ellen and I have been together since first grade, when I started talking to her because she was tall like me. We sang together at assemblies, supported each other through various ups and downs, and now we still see each other when we're both home. I always have fun with her.

Kara Yopak
This woman shares my brain. She's always right there with me and for me, and we agree on so much. She's a partner-in-crime, a fellow creative scientist, and a source of fun and comfort. She's going to New Zealand in February but we'll write lots of letters...some friendships don't mind distance.

In addition, there are groups too large to be mentioned on an individual basis, but trust me, you all have made an impact in some way and yes, you are all my friends. This includes the many students at BUMP, the random people who always make my days brighter, and the various people I've met in my travels and adventures.

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