Fast Facts about Sara

Have you ever gotten one of those e-mail surveys? Yeah...they're fun. I really like to answer them, actually. Well, I decided it would be amusing to put my responses up on my webpage here so you can all find out this interesting and useless info. By the way...some of this is a bit risque, but if you know me, you understand, and if you don't, you'll find it amusing. I don't take this seriously...neither should you.

Sara Powers Grady
Nicknames: Spee-gee, Sass, Sassafras, Supergirl, Sarabear(a), SPG, Society, Soylent (but a stuffed bunny calls me that so it may not be official), Sar, Sonica
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: light brown/blond
Zodiac sign: Taurus (5/15)
Hometown: Harvard, MA
Current Residence:Plymouth, MA
Croutons or Bacon Bits: Croutons
Favorite Salad Dressing:The Good Seasons Italian that you make in the cruet with the powder
Favorite Shampoo/conditioner: Aquage
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: Indeed. I think everyone should try it.
Do you make fun of people: Only in affection, because I don't like being cruel.
Your style: comfort and subtle tomboyish sensuality. ;-)
Favorite color: blue, orange
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: Nope.
Piercings or tattoos?: I have my ears pierced, but I don't usually wear earrings because I seem to have a violent reaction to all metals in the posts, even the stainless steel ones.
One pillow or two?: Two: one soft, one medium
Pets: I have a dog...a wonderful part Akita, part Lab named Bacchus.
Favorite Type of Music: Anything with a certain inexplicable combination of rhythm and harmony that seems to do it for me...classic rock, electronic music, what is very vaguely classified as "world music", the top 40 station depending on the time of day...pretty much anything except for depressing country and most gangsta rap. Heh.
Words or phrases you overuse: When something is good or I'm excited, I yell "Hooty hoo".
Toothpaste:The Colgate mouthwash kind
Foods: water, fruits (apples, pears, grapes, mangoes and peaches are my favorites), vegetables (raw celery and carrots, artichokes, spinach...) bread, pasta, pizza
Most romantic thing that ever happened to you: Getting married on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Maui, with both of us wearing flip-flops
Do you get along with your parents?: Yeah!
Favorite town to chill in: at home in Plymouth, at the beach house in Marshfield, Boston, or Providence
Favorite song to chill to: Depends on the day
Favorite Ice Cream: Haagen Dasz Light Dulce de Leche Favorite Drink: fresh brewed iced tea
What's your bed time?: Hm, between 10pm and 11:30pm
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: I don't wear perfume. Joe has a sensitive nose.
Favorite Subject in school: Biology, preferably marine or anything that involves creative writing
Least Favorite Subject: anything where I have busy work
Do you wear make up?: my makeup=chapstick
Where do you shop?: I shop wherever they have stuff I like or want, really. I have a serious penchant for bookstores. Clothes-wise I look for comfortable clothes that will last...I have a lot of Gap. Old Navy, and J. Crew in my wardrobe because I like their cotton. I also like the sale rack at American Eagle. However, I am very much a t-shirt and jeans type of girl.
Favorite hobby: reading/writing/hanging out by the ocean
Least favorite sport: I think that would be basketball. I just...don't like it.
Favorite Sport to watch: swimming
Favorite Sport to play: scuba diving (it is a sport, and a cool one at that)
Fav. type of restaurant: Southeast Asian (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai), Mexican
Fav. Store: Borders Books and Music
Fav. Movie: Every time someone mentions a movie I tend to shout "I love that movie!", so it's obviously hard to answer this question.
Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors? I think the only one is Empire Records. Oh, and perhaps National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation because Hannah and I watch it every year.
Fav. Song: too hard to choose! Songs with good chords always get me though.
Fav. Band:They Might Be Giants
How many cd's do you own? My guess would be around 100.
Ever bought a cd for just one song? Well, I did that once and it didn't work out well (a Butthole Surfers CD in the early 90's) so I stopped doing it out of fear of owning a CD that only had one good song on it. However, I've started doing it again and it has worked out fine, so perhaps my perception is better now.
Most humiliating moment: I fell in the fountain at the Hanover Mall. I was 7. An old guy laughed at me.
Loudest person you know: Emmett
Craziest person or silliest you know:Joe
What do you look for in the opposite sex: ability to enjoy all 5 senses to their utmost, very intelligent, very good sense of humor (willing to be silly), will have wonderful conversations about anything and everything, likes/doesn't mind being wet or salty (likes to snorkel), doesn't mind if I want to sit and read for hours (and will sit next to me and read their own book) a.k.a. Joe
Guys, with or without hats?: Without, because I don't like the way heads with hats look. The exception is Indiana Jones.
Girls, with or without nail polish?: Without, but that is a personal preference. I would wreck nail polish too quickly.
Pet peeves/things that bother me:Being told what to do when I am already doing it at my own pace (it will get finished!!), being told contradictory things in a short time-span, being given the silent treatment, people ending conversations (particularly online or on the phone) without saying goodbye, the apalling lack of public water fountains, vacuuming when I am trying to sleep or concentrate, hairdryers, people who are really drunk or on drugs (especially if they are acting asinine), people who get hung up on a single topic and refuse to "let it go", talking about more negative things than positive things on average, spending hours talking to someone and not feeling satisfied with the conversation, people who dance/wave/clap at concerts with poor rhythm
Favorite TV shows?: CSI, Iron Chef, Queer Eye, random pundit shows on VH1 ("I Love the...", "Best Week Ever"), Lost
Favorite concert you've been to: Too tough. I think perhaps The Pixies in Lowell or Boston
In the car, AC or open windows?: open windows
Favorite sound: waves lapping at rocks
Favorite smell: the smell of the air when it switches directions from off the marsh to off the ocean
Worst feeling in the world: dread
Best feeling in the world: comfort
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Note: I wrote this in 1998...let's see how we're doing so far... Somewhere in New England,(check!) I suppose, being a marine biologist,(check) possibly a professor.(Not my interest anymore) My house has a big library(it has a library!), windows with a view of the ocean ( does a lake through some trees count?), and a big bed with lots of comforters.(Yup. And a husband.)
If you could streak in front of one person's house, who would it be?: Oh, someone who would think of it as hilarious if not arousing.
Girls, would you ever ask a guy for his shirt?: Well, I am pretty tolerant of temperature. However, if he smelled good, then I might...but only if it caused him no inconvenience.
Is the glass half-empty or half-full?: full...I'm an eternal optimist.
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork?: No! I don't understand people who are afraid of getting their fingers dirty.
If you could be one gardening tool, which one would you be?: I'm supposed to say hoe, right? And then you all laugh? A-ha! I've got you figured out!! Well...I would be a trowel.
What kind of shoe would you be if you had the option to be a shoe?: I don't like shoes much, but I'd probably be something that could get wet and is comfortable...maybe a pair of Keen H2's
If you could do anything to the person you hated most, what would you do?: Ask them if being cruel to me really made them or their life better in the long run. When they say yes, then I'll nod and walk away, knowing I'm probably a better person than they are.
If you were to be any type of tree what type would it be?: a maple tree. They are tall, strong, have cool looking leaves, and can be tapped for sweetness.
Event that had the most impact on your life: Deciding to be a marine biologist at age 7.
Most influential person and thing in your life: my parents, because they introduced me to science; Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Spash, and Mrs. Pierce (english, history, and bio teachers in high school)
Do you like having your picture taken? Yes, because I tend to be smiling anyway and I'm always hoping this one will be the one that looks really good.
Have you ever done a photo shoot, professional or non? Yes, because I've always wanted a really good picture of myself. I find I'm very critical of how I look in photos.
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? Back to Maui or Ireland. I'd also like to go to New Zealand and visit Kara too.
Who would you take with you on this little adventure? Joe and/or my family
Have you ever done crossword puzzles? Yes.
Ever actually completed one? Of course!
Pick up the closest book and write a sentence at random from it. "Spanish moss is an epiphyte or air plant, a plant that grows on other plants or surfaces for physical support but manufactures its own food." ("Coastal Plants from Cape Cod to Cape Canaveral" by Stuckey and Gould)
Do the same with a lyric from either a cd or the radio. "Daddy?" "Yes, son." "What does regret mean?" "Well son, you're better off regretting something you have done than to regret something you haven't. Oh, and by the way, if you see your Mom this weekend, be sure and tell her 'SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!'" ("Satan", Orbital- "In-sides")
Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams? Yes, I have, and considering they're usually pretty clear when I wake up, it's not too difficult.
What's your favorite color of post-it note? I like the tropical (or is it marine) multi-packs
What would your perfect day consist of? Get up very early and watch the sunrise, perhaps on the beach. Eat some fruit while I watch it. Maybe go for a swim in the ocean while the sun rises. Go back to my house and find everyone waking up, and go have breakfast with everybody, …have a broccoli, spinach, and swiss omlette from Arthur and Pat's in Marshfield. Then spend the day snorkeling and reading an excellent book. Come up from the beach in the afternoon, take an outdoor shower, go out to dinner and maybe a movie or just drive around with my friends or Joe, talking. Come back and either keep spending time with everyone hanging out and talking on the beach (maybe at a fire?) and stargazing, etc. etc. Maybe substitute a concert for the evening activities.
Have you ever lied to get off the phone or out of talking to someone online? Yeah. I always feel bad about it but I am not good at ending conversations and will talk forever if given the chance (even if it's about nothing at all), so I need to police myself.
Have you ever written a survey? Yes, for a class. It was about being a TMBG fan.
Is your VCR flashing 12:00 all the time? This is the sort of questions that is obsolete now. All our devices communicate with satellites and such.
Ever been in an airplane? Oh yes.
If so where were you flying to? (final destinations only, no layovers or connections...): Aruba; Italy; Raleigh, NC; Calgary, Canada; Denver, CO; Salt Lake City, UT; Seattle, WA; Orlando, FL; Jamaica; Baltimore, MD; Dominica, Ireland, Maui
What color are your shoes? I'm barefoot.
Name one person your life is made better by.Joe, because he makes every day wonderful.
Would you or have you ever shaven your head?I haven't, and I don't think it would look good, despite the freedom it would give me for aquatic activities.
How about someone else's? I would if they wanted me to.
Can you do math with ease? Yes, but I am better with geometry and algebra than calculus. I always forget the things I should remember about doing calculus.
What size is your computer screen? 15 inches, but it's a laptop.
If you could only talk to one person online who would that be?Kara, because she's far away and the internet is cheaper than the phone.
Question that you most want answered: Am I already the person I fantasize about being?
Something you would want to say/ do if you knew the world were going to end tomorrow: Chances are, I loved you all, more than you can understand.
Say 3 good things about yourself: I am not afraid to be myself, I have beautiful eyes, I rarely get stressed
What famous person dead or alive would you interview if you had the chance? Maybe Charles Darwin...just so we could chat about biology, all the studies that have come out to support him, all the controversies he has caused...the things a "famous person interview" should be. Engaging, titillating, and educational.
Name one of your passions in life. Nature.
Who's your favorite member in a band, singer, guitar, bass, drummer, and why? Singer, because without them, you've got an instrumental band. Plus, they are the face of the band, and have to fufill the responsibility accordingly.
Do you use hairspray or gel? Not usually, although if my hair is being frizzy I'll get it wet and put smoothing stuff in it to keep the curls organized somewhat.
Describe your favorite meal. Fresh-brewed iced tea, a big mixed greens salad with only the veggies I like in it and a yummy vinegrette, some sort of grilled fish, and fruit sorbet for dessert. (If you're talking breakfast, bring on a cup of coffee, poached eggs, whole wheat toast...maybe a crab cake too.) What color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes? Swirly and speckled multi-colored, red and yellow.
Ever listen to classical music? All the time.
Have you ever sailed? Yes, on a 125-foot staysail schooner, the Westward, in the Sea Education Association program.
How fast can you run? Not fast at all, unless it's for very short bursts. I am not built for running.
What do you believe in? The power and beauty of the world around me.
How long does it take you to get ready to go out? From 5-10 minutes. Maybe 15 or 20 if I have to take a shower first.
Do you shower daily? I do, when I come back from the gym
Describe the ideal superpower and what you would do if you had it. Breathing underwater! I'd probably become amphibious, and do all sorts of wonderful things for pure pleasure as well as scientific research!
Are candles romantic or a fire hazard? Romantic! Everyone looks better in candlelight.
Name something you've done in the last 24hrs no matter how big or small. Watched a really bad movie on SciFi What colors are you wearing right now? dark green cargo shorts, light blue t-shirt, slightly darker blue bandana
How often do you change the sheets on your bed? Every two weeks, it seems.
Have you ever gotten lost?I do it on purpose. It's fun and challenging to find my way back home, and I've never had any problems figuring out how to do that.
What's on your computer desk? Lots of papers, a tea press, 2 mugs, a box from, a file folder, 2 notebooks, a few pens, lots of books
When you're talking do you ever use your hands to do quotation marks in the air when saying certain words? All the time...sometimes even when things don't "deserve" quotes.
Which landmark would you climb if you could? What's this about climbing landmarks? Like King Kong? That sounds scary. I'd like to safely go to the top of a bunch of lighthouses …like Nobska Light and Gurnet Light.
Do you own or have you read, or thought of reading any self-help books? I'm sure I have books that could be construed in that fashion, but as a genre it's one I avoid.
Ever seriously questioned your sanity? Yes. I am insane, but it's the good kind so it's ok.
What's in your fridge right now?Low-carb nutrition shakes, milk, assorted sauces, Jello...probably some expired produce
How many people do you live with? One. Joe.
Have you or would you ever do anything more than kiss in a public area? Heh, sure.
What is the strangest thing you've ever done? You're not serious about this, are you? I do strange things all the time.
Name an instrument you've never played but would like to: I want to play electric guitar, particularly surf guitar. I also would like to play upright bass.
Have you ever been on tv or the radio? Definitely the radio, and not on tv as I can recall but I will be someday, perhaps.
What is the worst thing anyone could ever do to you? Take credit for my work, or try to control me.
Are you a fast typer? I always think so (I think I am compared to the general public) but I hang out with "computer people" so they are amazingly fast typers.
How high have you counted before getting bored? I tend to count backwards. I like the extra concentration it requires.
Describe how you sleep. (ie. your position and/or how you fall asleep) I sleep in a three-quarters position, between being on my side and on my stomach
Are you straight, bi, gay? On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being totally homosexual and 10 being totally heterosexual, I'd say I'm about 9.5
Do you ever do something else while on the computer? If so what? Listen to music, talk to people in my office, read stuff.
What is the most expensive item you own? My Jeep.
How about the least expensive? The random stuff that's always in the bottom of my pockets. It's mine! I own it!
What's your favorite card game to play? Poker. I like interacting with people. I also really like Spades and Hearts.
What do you do online? Talk to people and read websites.
Have you ever watched a movie and not understood it? If so which one? I watched a German movie once that I didn't understand, in many different ways.
Do people pick up your slang language more than you pick up theirs? Yeah, I think so.
Are you easily influenced by other people, or current trends? Not particularly. I am pretty independent of others' opinions.
What makes you unique in your own opinion? I'm happier than most of the people I meet.
Name your worst quality. I can be egotistical
Name your best. I cheer people up.
What would you like to do with your life? Be a marine biologist, but spread the joy of marine biology to everyone via a TV show and writing articles for magazines like Discover.
What are your top 5 dream jobs? 1) Marine Biologist 2) have a tv show for kids about science 3) lead singer in a band 4) writer (fiction and non-fiction) 5) broadcaster on NPR (pref. on This American Life)
Do you blowdry your hair? I hate blowdryers with a passion. Hate them. They agitate me to no end. I can't even stand hearing them.
Have you ever intentionally set a clock ahead or behind the actual time? No, but I set my watch alarm 5 minutes after my normal alarm as a safety.
What do you think about when you first wake up in the morning? I look out the window and think about the weather and how it relates to the activities I've planned for the day.
Which browser do you use? Mozilla on my laptop, Firefox at work
Do you bite your nails? Yes, terribly.
Tell me about your dream last night. I think it was one of those "doing normal stuff" dreams about being the Teaching Fellow for Marine Mammals. The last dream I had that was memorable involved going to the doctor and having to have blood taken, but they had to use my sub-clavian vein for some reason and the nurse had no skills so I had to do the cut-down and needle insertion myself.
Ever seen a shooting star? All the time.
Have you ever stayed in a fancy high class rich hotel? Definitely. The Empress in Victoria, the Alexis in Seattle, the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, the Bostonian in Boston
Have you ever stayed in a rent-by-the-hour motel? I don't know if it was by the hour, but I've stayed in cheap motels before.
How are you feeling right now? Tired-ish...sedate. I could go to bed soon. (It's 10:45pm).
Which website do you frequent most often? (Mike Doughty fan site),,, and the Boston office of the National Weather Service
What color are most of your clothes? Blue.
Who do you miss right now?Kara
Name something you just can't forget no matter how hard you try. The foolish things I've done, although I can laugh at most of them now.
Say something else about yourself you've never told anyone before Well...sometimes when I'm alone, at home or in the car, I scream very loudly and yell nonsense.

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