This is the welcome page for the IRC RPG Lunar: A Story Forgotten II. Here you'll find information relating as to why I created this RPG, background information not having to do with the game itself, etc. The real Lunar: A Story Forgotten II home page is here.


You may be wondering why the subtitle "A Story Forgotten 2" appears above. This is because this IRC RPG is the sequel to another one, called, oddly enough, Lunar: A Story Forgotten. As this is a sequel, characters and events from "ASF" could appear in "ASF2." However, there is enough new to this that even those who did not watch or participate in the original should enjoy it (I hope...).


Why did I make a sequel to my RPG? Mostly because I had an idea, and the idea just seemed to fit in perfectly within the timeline of the original, so why not make a sequel? Besides, I was feeling very nostalgic for the old RPG (along with many of the original players), so I figured, "Why not?".


Lunar: A Story Forgotten II takes in the year 3584 AU, 2584 years after Lunar: A Story Forgotten. Some of the events in ASF1 will play a role in ASF2. Many of the characters (or characters related to them) will also have a role to play.

An interesting tidbit is that ASF1 was originally planned to be a sequel to an RPG I participated in, Lunar: Middleground. However, I planned ASF1 out too early before Middleground finished, meaning that the two stories don't exactly fully meet. Some of the inconsistencies could be explained by after-the-fact modifications (inserting new characters with the same name as the old, etc.), but other events in Middleground just cannot co-exist.

Now you're probably asking, "Why am I telling you this?". Well, some of the events in Middleground play a role in ASF2. Which ones, I won't say, however, it is hinted in another RPG I've run, Project Apocalypse. Actually, that probably gives it away, but hey, I'm not as evil as some GMs.

One more thing. Because of the differences (mostly minor, but they do matter here) between the Sega CD and Playstation/Saturn versions of Lunar. As the original ASF was based on the Sega CD versions, so is this version. Hence Alex was still a Dragonmaster at the end of the game, his spells are the original Dragon spells, etc.

Other than that, you have all the timeline information you need. The above links to the other RPGs that influence this one should give you any other tidbits of info, (although the Middleground page is woefully incomplete in the log department :( ).

Anything else?

That's it. This page just sort of introduces the RPG and where it draws fun. Now it's time you see the real Lunar: A Story Forgotten II page.