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I put techhouse stuff here...if you want to know about me in general (an old snapshot from early in my college career), go to Soren on the engineering machines (archived) or Soren in CS. Post-college, I've posted some pictures from life in California (we all miss the weather) on my .Mac homepage


I've taken to writing and porting a bit of software in my spare time ... mostly for indirectly-related-to-my-job stuff at Apple (eg. OpenSSH), but also some independent work such as STunnel.

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Apple Interns '99

I published the intern data I collected last summer when I was an Apple intern.

My Resumé (text, postscript, PDF) I work full-time at Apple Computer these days (2000-2004).

check out the Geek Test

Server and HTML training

Once upon a time a Techhouse sysadmin named Lucas helped me teach some Techhouse members how to use their accounts on our Linux server. Much work has been done in this area since then, but many people still don't have web pages. Perhaps that is for the best. This hardly counts as a web page anyhow.

Techhouse Printer

Once, even longer ago, Ryan gave us his inkjet printer and I bought it a new power supply. Beth donated hers in the while it was on order. I managed to hook the DeskJet 540 to the server and make it available to Macintoshes as a postscript device (go ghostscript). Eventually some Windoze-centric person had to come along (in this case it was Sam) to configure Windoze access to the printer via SMB. This worked too, and eventually newer print drivers with MacOS 8.6 and higher combined with a low number of Mac geeks in the house led to direct Appletalk printing ceasing to work for most machines. pdf2ps is used to generate postscript which can be printed from PDF files created with the acrobat software licensed by Brown running on any Mac that wants to print.

I think the printer has since been replaced. I no longer live in Techhouse, but it and the people in it are still important to me.

If anyone finds a print driver that can print old-fashioned-enough postscript for ghostscript to like it (the fonts seem to matter as well as the version of the PS) under MacOS 8.6 or higher, let me know.

From my door sophomore year: the UCOTD

Stuff I've fixed

I want to keep a record of what I've fixed and I figured I could put it on the web so people would know what I was doing and how I had fixed problems in the past. I've done all sorts of stuff that has not made it to that log file. Hmmmmm

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