Letter from Caroline Herschel (1750-1848), by Siv Cedering

William is away, and I am minding
the heavens.  I have discovered
eight new comets and three nebulae
never before seen by man,
and I am preparing an Index to
Flamsteed's observations, together with
a catalogue of 560 stars omitted from
the British Catalogue, plus a list of errata
in that publication.  William says

I have a way with numbers, so I handle
all the necessary reductions and
calculations.  I also plan
every night's observation
schedule, for he says my intuition
helps me turn the telescope to discover
star cluster after star cluster.

I have helped him polish the mirrors
and lenses of our new telescope.  It is 
the largest in existence.  Can you imagine
the thrill of turning it to some new
corner of the heavens to see
something never before seen
from earth?  I actually like

that he is busy with the Royal society
and his club, for when I finish my other work
I can spend all night sweeping
the heavens.

Sometimes when I am alone
in the dark, and the universe reveals
yet another secret, I say the names
of my long, lost sisters, forgotten
in the books that record
our science--

        Aganice of Thessaly,
        Catherina Hevelius,
        Maria Agnesi

--as if the stars themselves could

remember.  Did you know that Hildegard
proposed a heliocentric universe
300 years before Copernicus?  that she
wrote of universal gravitation 500 years
before Newton?  But who would listen
to her?  She was just a nun, a woman.
What is our age, if that age was dark?
As for my name, it will also be
forgotten, but I am not accused
of being a sorceress, like Aganice,
and the Christians do not threaten to
drag me to church, to murder me, like they did
Hyptia of Alexandria, the eloquent, young
woman who devised the instruments
used to accurately measure the position
and motion of

heavenly bodies.
However long we live, life is short, so I
work.  And however important man becomes,
he is nothing compared to the stars.
There are secrets, dear sister, and it is
for us to reveal them.  Your name, like mine,
is a song.  Write soon,

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