The problem with a page of links is that, after a certain amount of time, some of the links will inevitably be broken.  If you encounter a broken link, you can:


1) Try to find an archived copy the page by entering it's url into the engine at


2) Let me know by contacting me at  While I wish to retain this page in it's original visual state (and thus do not plan on removing or replacing any of the words), I have taken the precaution of saving copies of some of the pages that I consider most likely to disappear from the web.  If I know that the original page is defunct, I can post my own copy of the page, and switch the link to point to the copy.  It is also possible that pages may change their urls, so if I know that a link is broken I will try to see if the page has moved, and, if so, update the link.  If I am made aware of a link that is broken beyond repair, I will start up a list of dead links.