Tech House Projects

The Intelligent Lounge Project

In progress...

Effort has been made to automate several of the more difficult and complicated actions associated with a complete lounge enjoyment experience, i.e., turning on the lights, opening the drapes, developing an AI protocol by which it will always be possible to know who left the cheese pizza on the coffee table for three nights in a row.

This project involves, among other things, 6-foot screws and a continuous humorous pronunciation of the syllable "ilp."

I leave you with a brief lesson from Sam:

How to have sex in the Intelligent Lounge:

  1. Don't swipe your card
  2. when removing clothing, place some of the clothing over the quickcam lens
  3. Make sure that when you say 'yes, baby more', it doesn't sound like 'please turn on the television'
  4. In general, avoid use of the phrase 'turn on'
-Niq (meeting minutes e-mail)

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