Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have no money, wealth or power. What can Tech House offer me?
A: Due to the current social security crisis, Tech House is no longer allowed to offer you anything. No! Actually, we have a ton of friendly and interesting people, a workroom full of woodworking tools and electronics parts, several HD TV's, a dedicated Linux server, and a shelf overflowing with board games. What more could one ask for?
Q: A Porsche? Rocket pants?
A: Yes, I guess you could ask for those things.
Q: What sort of people join Technology House?
A: People who like technology. You don't even have to be good at working with it, or take any classes related to it. One of the principal people involved in getting Tetris on the Sciences Library was a visual art concentrator. We have had classics, philosophy, music, public policy, physics, Russian Lit., economics, biology, East Asian studies, and math concentrators join the house, in addition to the engineers and computer science concentrators you might expect. Some of these people like to build things, some like to play games, and some you'll just see hanging about. At Tech House, you'll generally find someone interested in the same things you are. We like stuff. If Tech House employed people, we'd be an equal opportunity employer. We like people from all walks of life.
Q: Can all my friends join Technology House?
A: Yes, absolutely. Many people who join the house join with their friends (some who previously had little desire to join) and fit right in.
Q: Is it true that Tech House is a "dry" house?
A: Tech House funds are not used to buy booze and we don't serve alcohol at our events. Technology House makes no statement on the consumption of alcohol by its members.
Q: I like technology but we don't get along very well. My computer tells me what do to do and I can't figure out how to set my watch so it's always 4 hours off and I'm always really late everywhere. Could Technology House be for me?
A: Yes, Technology House is for you. We have had new members whose previous most advanced technological achievement was the operation of a stapler.
Q: I'm not sure if I want to join - how can I find out if Technology House is right for me?
A: Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself - we're always happy to meet new faces. In particular, we have public events throughout the year, and starting in late January, we hold events nearly every day so you can see for yourself what Tech House is all about and meet our members. Check out our calendar to see what events are coming up!
Q: What are the requirements and expectations for members of Tech House?
A: There are only three requirements for membership in Tech House:
1) Paying dues which are currently $120 per semester
2) Contributing to general upkeep of house by helping clean common rooms several times per semester
3) Living in Harkness House the first semester of membership. Members are expected to check their Technology House emails regularly and attend house meetings (which are typically on Mondays at 10pm) as well as help out with planning or setup for one or two larger social events. (If there are any difficulties fulfilling these requirements, contact the officers and we can work something out.)
Q: Great. How do I join this "Tech House" of yours?
A: In February, we host many events for our Recruiting Season. At any time during Recruiting Season, you may request an interview. You can also email and ask to schedule an interview. The interview is a quick and informal process that allows Tech House to get to know you and allows you to get to know Tech House. After your interview, the current members will vote on your admission at the next House Meeting (typically on Monday at 10pm). Upon admission, you will receive a Bid Card that you must turn into ResLife by Super Deadline Day.
Q: I missed Recruiting Season! Is there still hope?
A: Yes, there is hope for you still. Send an email to asking for an interview and we can add.
Q: Is it true that if Tech House were ever to disappear it would disappear in a puff of smoke?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it true that if I run into a wall there is a small but finite chance that I will end up on the other side?
A: Yes, this process is called tunneling. This is a very inefficient way of getting through walls or around barriers which are not meant to be crossed. It is very inefficient because is relies on quantum mechanics. For more efficient ways of getting through walls or around barriers ask someone who knows about spelunking or lock picking. Optionally, both.
Q: You're Technology house, so you should know this: Is it true that 80% of the websites on this internet thing are made of cats or cat-related material?
A: False. 100% of the internet is made of cat-related material. If you don't believe me just, look at any website and squint your eyes really hard. You'll see it.
Q: Are you going to do that Tetris thing again? 'Cause that was really cool.
A: Putting Tetris on the SciLi was something that previous members of the house did out of their sheer unbridled enthusiasm for technology. It was really cool at the time, but we will probably never do that again because it has been done already. We do lots of really cool little projects, though. And if there are ever enough people interested and are willing to put enough time into it, we may one day build a giant chess board on the main green, turn the CIT into Q-bert, build a robotic Christina Paxson or turn the tennis courts into pong.
Q: Is it true that you are planning to overthrow CIS, take over Barus and Holley and lead Brown University to a new technological dawn?
A: Shh...