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Announcements and Dates

  • Sunday, Every Sunday, 9pm-10pm- Come watch X-Files with us in our lounge.
  • Sometime- there will be open houses soon. Here is a map

Technology House is one of the newest specialty houses on Wriston Quad. Now in its third year, Brown University's Tech House is a group of undergraduate students living in Harkness House. We have come together through a common interest in computers, technology, and the sciences. Our members include concentrators in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Biochemistry, Economics, and Mathematics, as well as in Classics and Music.

We are located at the corner of Thayer and Charlesfield Streets, in Harkness House. We run linux on a computing server where these pages reside along with members' projects and user accounts.

Information and Links

  • Read the sigs.techhouse newsgroup.
  • More about TechHouse
  • Map to find this place
  • A part of the Official Charter of the house
  • Member's pages
  • Here is an article published by the Brown Daily Herald, about our house.
  • And here is how we got disbanded by the dean. ;-)
  • I wanna join NOW! Mail us with your name and phone number and we will contact you.

House Internal Info -- link to Aram's internal info...lounge reservations, feedback forms, phone numbers, and a calendar.

NOTE: these links should not work if you are not part of techhouse.