Annie Carlson

Number of dice owned:

12 lbs of dice. It was easier to weigh them than to count them.

Favorite character class:


Favorite DnD edition:


Number of awesome socks:

Uncountable infinity. She keeps them in a bag of uncountable infinite holding.


Annie's days of playing DnD began when she was only 5. Her father introduced her to 2nd edition, and she had mastered the rules within a week. By the age of 6, she could min-max with the best optimizers in the world.

At the end of high school, Annie went to her first Gen Con. Sitting down to play DnD, she was soon horrified to discover that she was playing the Tomb of Horrors module. Party member after party member fell prey to the insidious traps and horrifying creatures that littered the dungeon. Pretty soon, she was the only player left alive. The last room in the dungeon stood before her. She would have to face the demi-lich alone.

With an angry roar, Annie kicked down the door. She rolled into the room, gracefully avoiding the traps as the demi-lich animated before her. She had one chance to take him out before he trapped her soul forever. Annie suddenly felt something in her pocket. Reaching in, she pulled out an all black die with black numbers engraved into its surface. With baited breath, she rolled the mysterious d20. The die clattered to a halt on the table. The top of the die glowed with a strange white light.


"Roll to confirm crit," the DM said.


The DM's jaw dropped. "Roll to confirm instant kill." Annie blew gently on the die and rolled.


The demi-lich was destroyed in one mighty attack. Annie had done what no one else had done before her. She had beaten the final boss of the Tomb of Horrors in a single turn.

That night, Annie went to sleep, her new die placed under her pillow. In her dreams, the die spoke to her.

"Dire times lie ahead for the world. A strong champion needs to be ready to defend the innocent from harm. Are you prepared for this responsibility?"

Annie nodded.

"Then I grant you the powers of your greatest character. Use them wisely, hero."

Annie woke up with a start. She muttered under her breath and the lights in her room turned on. She blinked with surprise and reached under her pillow. Instead of the die, she found a character sheet with her name on it. It was time for her to learn how to use her new powers and to protect the world from whatever evils might seek to harm it.

Mind ThrustAnnie grabs her opponent and uses her psionic powers to break their mind, dealing high damage.Special
Teleport, LesserReappear in one of three locations on the screen, depending upon which button is pressed.Special
Critical HitAnnie swings her great axe in front of her, performing one of the most damaging attacks in the game.Super
Developer's Notes:

I had far too much fun writing the story. Annie is a close range fighter with high damage. Her ability to cast teleport lets her move around the screen quickly, helping her get out of trouble as well as allowing her to engage her opponents in unexpected ways. With Mind Thrust and Critical Hit, she needs to land only a few attacks before her opponent gets KOed.