What is Technology House?

Technology House is a Program House at Brown University for students who share a common interest in science or technology. Living together, we collaborate on interesting technical projects, organize fun and creative public events, and pool our collective awesomeness. We are located in Harkness House on Patriots Court, which we share with Art House. We host various public events throughout the year, such as the legendary Javaspook party around Halloween. See our events calendar for details on upcoming events.


Because we were so enamored with JB's idea of resurrecting the laundry project, we decided to do it posthaste. We have worked so hard on the project over the past few days in order to deploy a deliverable that can be utilized by you, the clothes-wearing members of Tech House, before Spring Break. In honor of the naming scheme generally employed by the house, we have named it Thlaundry.

You can find the webapp tied into the system, as well as more information about how we did it, at:


Please send feedback to webmaster@techhouse.org. We are especially interested if you have

Also let us know if you use the system. It will fill us with pride and the laundry machines with quarters.