About this page

Welcome to a guided tour of a tiny section of my brain

OK, so the reason this is called Sarabellum is because my name is Sara Powers (or various other words that people feel like substituting, as long as they begin with a P) Grady,and I tend to be somewhat "brainy". The Cerebellum is a small chunk of brain that protrudes off the back of your brain, not to be confused with the Cerebrum,which is the big main part, OK? Got it? Yeah...I bet you are confused. That's OK. Essentially, I thought it was a really cool wordplay on my name. Granted, someone like Liv Tyler could call her page "Liver", and also try out this "naming your webpage after an organ" thing...but truly I don't thnk it would be as amusing.(Note for those of you who a) like Latin b) like to be sticklers: The fact that the separation of "Sara" and "bellum" suggests some odd amalgam of me and war is irrelevant. Shame on you for bringing all that negativity in here.)

"But Sara," you ask. "What can I expect on this tour? Should I bring warm clothing, sturdy boots, and a raincoat? Will it be wet, nasty and slimy in your brain?"

Well...no! I have done all the dirty work for you. I have sorted out and distilled a lot of the neat things you would have encountered in my head, and made it into an easily accessible primer.

By the way, all the icons/buttons are pictures that I drew with Crayola crayons, scanned in, and adjusted using Photoshop. Pretty fun, huh? Enjoy my page. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had making it.

Updates have been few and far between. Until future notice, this is just a snapshot in time. Thanks for stopping by though.

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