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Stuff I have you might care about

I have a Dvorak keybard xmodmap file for X. Everyone should at least know about the Dvorak keyboard. It is awesome. I learned it in high school after studying it for a CS project. Now I use it almost everywhere and I keep forgetting how vi works on a QWERTY keyboard (in the last year I've gotten really good at switching but Dvorak still feels better).

Check out my very own Dvorak Explanation page (it has modmaps to download, etc).

I compiled vtwm and xdaliclock for these Suns. I also grabbed ph from the CS department. These are available from /u1/ss/bin (as are many other programs).

This page is written completely with vi, the real man's editor (note: women can be "real men." It is just a phrase I use that is the opposite of "wus".)

the command "rwho" is pretty cool now that it works (see my scripts page for related programs like loc.

Cool ph "hack": ph nameOfPerson return all

return name residence_phone office_phone makes ph the equivalent of your Brown directory (see /u1/ss/Use/phone).

Add /eng2/en160/bin and /u1/ss/bin to your PATH. Commands like loc and lw (useful for finding people) and fvwm are in there. Recently, I wrote swrite which will send a message to anyone logged in to one of the machines in Prince.

Mail me with any other non-standard locations for good programs.