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The Engin department realized that it does not have enough staff to do some of the things that are necessary to keep the Suns running happily. So they hired me because I've done some unix stuff before (for my high school) and wanted to help. There are plenty of things I've noticed need fixing (~ss/stufftofix) but I am looking for feedback from the users in general. So communicate with me one way or another.

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Old Suggestions of the moment.

Suggestion of the moment: Any time you ftp files into the system, check their permissions to make sure they are only writable by you. chmod 644 for data files and chmod 755 for exectuable programs/scripts is ususally appropriate. It lets people read the file without letting them change it.

Coming soon: Soren's guide to file permissions.


/u1/ss/bin is my persanal executables directory. Because I have insanely large quota, I have installed and will install many useful programs and scripts for everyon's use.

Coming soon: a complete list of supported scripts and such.

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