The Phonetic Alphabet and why it is cool.

Used by the military and people avoiding misunderstanding worldwide, this alphabet allows you to avoid those annoying instances where you say the letter B and the listener(s) hears letter C. It also lets you sound like those cool policemen on TV or Densel Washington in Crimson Tide. The main reason it is here is that I have been searching for it on and off for years and no one seemed to have it. So now it is here in all it's glory. (see bottom of page for a sad footnote)

The main reason I see for using this alphabet of warriors and ham-radio hobbyists is that never again will anyone yell "Deee???" when I say "B". Not to mention I sound like a really cool military-type when I start reading off liscense plate numbers or secret codes with this awesome alphabet.

"Soren" is spelled Sierra-Oscar-Romeo-Echo-November.
Much cooler than S-O-R-E-N.

Here's how it goes:

A alpha
B bravo
C charlie
D delta
E echo
F foxtrot
G golf
H hotel
I india
J juliet
K kilo
L lima
M mike
N november
O oscar
P papa
Q quebec
R romeo
S sierra
T tango
U uniform
V victor
W wiskey
X x-ray
Y yankee
Z zulu

now recite to yourself:
alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india juliet kilo lima mike november oscar papa quebec romeo sierra tango uniform victor whiskey x-ray yankee zulu

I finally got this information when I was flying home for spring break this year. I heard a stewardess using charlie and bravo for connection gates and asked her if she knew the whole thing. She didn't know that there was an entire alphabet but the captain recited the whole thing to me just before I left the plane. I have been bugging smart people for years about this information and now I have put it on the web.

I _had_ to do a net search the day I made this page and find this.
Ohh well, this is cool none the less.