Neel Joshi

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07/2005 - fast forward: For SIGGRAPH, the annual Computer Graphics conference, everyone gives a one minute preview, called a fast-forward, of his or her paper on the first day. Some people rhyme, some rap, I wanted to sing a cheezy nerdified song about our paper and light my guitar on fire, but decided to hold off on that and made this video instead. It's literally a "fast-forward" with some "rewind" for you wild ones out there. If you are interested in the actual research behind all of this go here.
12/2003 - virtual winter wonderland: A little tech contribution to the third floor's entry in the annual Gates Christmas decoration contest... via "advanced computer vision techniques", viewers were transported into a magical Christmas world.

Our project was just one part of the complete third-floor package.
05/2003 - hybrid rendering: A raytracing system that exports depth information with its output image, which allows co-location of OpenGL objects and haptic feedback with a raytraced image. This is a compromise that allows a scene to be presented with the visual quality of a raytraced scene and the interactivity of an OpenGL environment.
06/2002 - the drawing teleoperated robot: a vision-based teleoperation system that allows a user to draw using a robotic arm.

watch the video ( .mpeg | .rm | .rm - small )
06/2002 - haptic battle pong!: a explosive, gun-laden, force feedback game of pong. check out check out the /. action and this video.
03/2002 - alternative sensory representations of the visual world: an real-time auditory and force-feedback representation of visual information.
12/2001 - the aware tree computing research centre (coming soon): nothing like a christmas tree that reaches out and wishes you a flashy, cheerful holiday season with a kick-ass sound track. brought to you by a jew and an indian.
03/2001 - one last time...: a tribute to the place where you picks up your eats. the place where you get your snack on. enjoy a photojournal of one last trip to a placed called home.
10/2000 - lcd hookup: one of the various projects for tiqit computers. this one is particularly fun because it has a mess of wires.
05/2000 - tetris on the scili: a building sized installation created by the members of technology house at brown university. this guy got a lot of press.
05/2000 - kick-ass metal and lego robots…: sometimes you have grand plans for a project. and sometimes things don't work so well, but at least you have a cool video, with loud music and a sarcastic paper.
01/2000 - isaac the monkey, how we love thee, let me count the ways…: a stuffed monkey experiences friendship, duty, love, and the eventual consequences of a reckless life. this video was the intro skit for cs4 at brown in january 2000.