Neel Joshi

njoshi AT cs DOT ucsd DOT edu


I am a Researcher at Microsoft Research. Previously, I've spent time as a student at UCSD, Stanford University, and Brown University, and as an intern at Adobe, Microsoft Research, and MERL. My research is in computer vision and graphics. Below are some of my most recent projects and also some of my favorites, in no particular order.

Selected Projects

collaborative mosaic: For my 31st birthday I had a collaborative art party where people painted tiles, which I later mosaiced into a large panel.
enhancing photographs using content-specific image priors: my dissertation!
psf estimation using sharp edge prediction: this paper appeared at CVPR 2008
ucsd/merl light field archive: a new web archive hosting several static and video 3d light fields.
synthetic aperture tracking: this paper appeared at ICCV 2007 and describes tracking through occlusions using a camera array.
shape from varying illumination and viewpoint: this paper appeared at ICCV 2007 and describes a high-quality, lightweight shape reconstruction method that merges multi-view and photometric stereo.
natural video matting using camera arrays: this paper appeared at SIGGRAPH 2006 and describes an automatic, real-time natural video matting method.
music blocks: an interactive sound sculpture that captures musical construction in a physical form -- the diatonic scale is mapped to the orientation of four wooden blocks.
high performance imaging using large camera arrays: this paper appeared at SIGGRAPH 2005 and describes the Stanford Multiple Camera Array. here's a video (60MB) showing the system and a number of applications.
post yuppie paint fountain: a dynamic LEGO sculpture that explores the simple visual of paint disolving in water -- an alternative to the dentist office-dwelling electric water fountain.
virtual winter wonderland: with the help of a little technology, viewers are transported into a magical Christmas world. our project was just one part of the complete third-floor package.
tetris on the scili: a building sized installation created by the members of technology house at brown university. in the new york times and time magazine.
haptic battle pong!: a explosive, gun-laden, force feedback game of pong. check out check out the /. action and this video.
kick-ass metal and lego robots…: sometimes you have grand plans for a project. and sometimes things don't work so well, but at least you have a cool video, with loud music.