Neel Joshi

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09/2010 - collaborative mosaic: For my 31st birthday I had a collaborative art party where people painted tiles, which I later mosaiced into a large panel.

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12/2002 - music blocks: an interactive sound sculpture that captures musical construction in a physical form -- the diatonic scale is mapped to the orientation of four wooden blocks.

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11/2002 - primary lights: an interactive sculpture in the form of a light fixture that allows the viewer to explore color, shadows, and darkness while mixing colored lights by varying their intensity.

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10/2002 - post yuppie paint fountain: a dynamic LEGO sculpture that explores the simple visual of paint disolving in water -- an alternative to the dentist office-dwelling electric water fountain.

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09/2002 - stone sculpture of an eye: the documented progression of a stone sculpture done for a class at the crucible.
03/2002 - prophetic dreams and reality (coming soon): have you ever had prophetic dreams? dreams that try to warn you of something? what if the dream cam true? here is an experience evoking the senses of another person's dreams and reality... yes, i know this doesn't make any sense and sounds really weird...
02/2002 - the pavlovian hardhat: a punishing experience reminding the wearer of the most unfun experience of having to go to the dentist due to eating too many sweets.

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01/2002 - facevase: with all the multitasking we do in our daily lives, lunches while typing, laundry on the phone, are there ways to multitask for more than efficiency's sake? stop to smell the roses without stopping...

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09/1996 to 05/2000 - selected art work from college: work selected from two studio classes at brown and one at risd.
11/1992 - selected photography from high school: work selected from a photography class i took freshman year in high school at penn charter.
10/1989 to 12/1995 - selected early art work: work selected from a weekly semi-private art class i took for seven years.