Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Nobody really asks you questions frequently, do they?
A: Nope.

But if you were to ask people around me what they thought about me, you might learn some of the following thing about me.

I talk a lot.

I love computers. I can't express that enough. Ever since I was around the age of 3, and my parents started a small computer company named Microway, I have had access to computers. When I was 5, all I ever did was tinker with the computer. The computer is the greatest toy that humans ever made.

I like to think out loud. I do it often. I like to ask people around me about the latest ideas that I've had. I have lots of ideas, and I am very enthusiastic about them.

I am honest. I think it has something to do with hacker morals or something, or perhaps that I rely on truthful information from other people too much to feel good about spreading false information.

I do what I do because I like doing it, not because someone pays me to do it or it is in my best interest. Although, I do enjoy writing programs especially for other people who have interesting needs. I always view it as a challenge.

I write a lot of code (computer programs) for myself. Usually this is just fooling around with the computer, and wishing that I had a program which did X, Y, and Z. Some of these programs include: an http server, enhancements to class projects of years past, libraries that I wish I had...

There is more to me than the computer. I also enjoy music, frisbee, juggling devil sticks, chess, a good Role Playing Game, science fiction (fantasy) books, and occasionally, a good old game of doom or descent. People nowadays just don't appreciate the old 3D graphics engines when they have their fancy polygon-pushing graphics hardware at 300MHz. Not that I don't have a monster graphics card. I do, but I digress...

I have a thing for old hardware, and soldering. I'm not very good at soldering, but I like to do it.

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