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About me

Frequently (not) Asked Questions
I am the unofficial keeper of the Techhouse Logo.
I have friends.


Thanks to a summer internship, I could afford to buy a digital camera and add photography to my short list of hobbies.

Current Projects & Stuff

My java raytracer page.
La Bastille Tetris Applet Find out why Technology House put the tetris game on a 13 story building, and live the experience with my Java Simulation.
A (funny) movie of president Clinton I edited for a music class project. Available in the following formats:
Real Media: 44.5Kbps stream (908KB) 77.6Kbps stream (1.58MB) 200.1Kbps stream (4.04MB)
Quicktime: 10.02MB file

Other people named Michael Fried

Michael Fried at an Applied Math Institite in Germany.
Michael Fried the Math Professor
Michael Fried the Humanities Professor
Michael Fried the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor
Michael Fried the realtor (and he owns michaelfried.com (heh heh)).
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Go get the Gimp for Windows, the most powerful freeware graphics program for Windows.

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