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Welcome to my home page! It's gone under quite a few changes, but it's improving (hopefully).

This page is pretty much always under construction.

What else is here?

OK, in case you're wondering what I really look like (as opposed to Miko's ultra-cool rendering of me as an anime character), you can get a picture of me riding in the car on the way to see the Boston Pops on the Fourth of July here.

Yes, I am a Sailor Moon fan. So shoot me! The show is great! It's funny, silly, cute, everything you could ever want in an animated diversion.

Favorite Links

I've dumped my personal bookmarks file here, check it out for any cool links. It's mostly indexed, but still has a few rough edges.

Anyway, I am one of the charter members of the newly formed Technology House. Formed at the end of 1995 by two of our members, Scott Frazier and Rob Shearer, Tech House provides an excellent alternative housing option for both science and humanities majors alike (for example, the former system administrator of the Tech House server was a classics major before he graduated, while I myself am an engineering/CS major). You can get to the Tech House homepage by either clicking the Technology House logo above, or by clicking here.


As that little icon on the bottom of the page demonstrates, I am a user of Linux (long live the penguin!), a free version of Unix available for just about any modern computer out there, whether IBM-compatible, PowerPC, Alpha, Sparc, etc. However, I do sadly admit that I also use that bastard operating system from Hell (BOSFH) known as Windows95. Why, you may ask? Well, I ended up heavily entrenched in using applications for that aforementioned BOSFH before I was able to get my hands on Linux, and as such, well, I'm kinda stuck as I either can't afford to purchase or can't find Linux equivilents for many of the applications I have. Also, there are a few niceties I haven't quite figured out how to get working under Linux (such as midi, and I wish I had some nicer fonts!) quite yet, so I'd appreciate it if any of you Linux uses out there could give me pointers on how to get my original modem Ensoniq SoundScape to play midi under Linux. Anyway, hopefully all my problems with being tethered to the BOSFH will be fixed if/when Insignia ports SoftWindows to Linux. Until then, well, the BOSFH ain't bad as a game OS, in fact, that's probably all it's good for, and even then it's not the best out there.

Friends and Family

Quite a few of my friends and relatives have home pages. Sadly, my Friends Page is under construction as I lack cool graphics for it. However, their links are there. couple summers ago.


In case you're wondering, yes I have taken a year of Japanese. However, my Japanese isn't as good as the Japanese writing on this page may indicate. I'd like to thank a good friend of mine though, for confirming that what I tried to write out in Japanese here really is what I intended to say.

Questions, comments, snide remarks, suggestions?

'Lou Arruda' 

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