About Me

I'm Joshua Brown. I recently completed my masters degree in the Brown Computer Science Department. My primary areas of interest are security, cryptography and machine learning. My resume is available here.


Below are some short stories I've written.

Job Hunting
Some Notes on the Revolution
A Nightmare in Five Acts


Haze: Privacy-Preserving Real-Time Traffic Statistics - the culmination of my masters' research, written in collaboration with Olya Ohrimenko and my advisor (Prof. Roberto Tamassia), demoed at ACM SIGSPACIAL GIS '13
Merwyn Lifecycle Forecasting Model - A longitudinal sales forecasting model I designed in collaboration with Greg Lemmon at Eureka Ranch
And This is How We Say Goodbye in Brunonia, President Simmons - a concert review of Brown University's A Joyful Tribute to President Ruth J. Simmons
You Wouldn't Download a Car: A Discussion of Remote Keyless Entry Systems
Attacking the Phone - An investigation of the security of the AT&T 3G Microcell conducted with Ethan Cecchetti.