Station 9 is a trading past in sector seven of the aniverse, a sector without a clear dominating race or government. On the border of mammal and cold-blood territories, it has become a safe zone for inter-species trading and has attracted its share of mercenaries and outlaws. It’s proximity to the Dark Heart Nebula has made it an area of interest to the usually reclusive Aldeberans. Both the Toad Empire and the United Animals Coalition (UAC) has made claims to it, but neither has ever sent in the military force needed to gain control of it. All in all a very volitale sector, filled with racial tensions and seedy business operations.

The station itself, located in the heart of the sector, was two years ago by a famous station architect. Considered his master work, it is a maze of smooth metal corridors. It was paid for largely by the defunct Cold Blood Coalition (CBC), which intended to use it as a base. Now it has been converted into a makeshift trading post and a haven for wanted creatures. One could ask the architect what he feels about this, but someone pushed him out of an airlock two months ago. There has yet to be an investigation into his murder, because of the nature of the sector – major governments fear making a presence there without starting a war.

Station 9, where no questions are asked, and where the corridors are as numerous and winding as the stories of its inhabitants...

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