Character Generation - General Abilities

These abilities are available to all races (the GM will inform you if there are any exceptions).

Alertness reflects your character's overall awareness of his environment, and affects his reaction time. Alertness gives you Initiative--among characters with the same number of actions per round, the one with higher Alertness will act first.

Want to jump on tables? Swing from chandeliers? Role with style? Acrobatics will allow you to fall further without taking damage, perform feats of skill, and prevent your speed from being halved in zero gravity. Also helps for staying on your feet if the station rocks.

Athletic characters can travel more quickly over long distances. Each level of Athletics reduces your travel time between locations by one minute. Athletics may also be used in many challenges related to climbing, running, etc.

Brawl adds to your physical number if attempting to hit your opponent with your hands/claws/fangs/tentacles/etc.

This is the natural ability to impress and lead others. It can be used to convince people of something, as long as it doesnít violate their road. It can also be used to bolster other social challenges.

Your true form is something other than how you appear to the naked eye. People wishing to see past the disguise must make a mental challenge. Helpful for clones.

Dodge Ė Body
This dodge adds to your physical defense when being physically attacked by a person using their hands, feet, or non-range weapon (swords, lightsabers, etc)
 Note: You can only use one dodge of any type per round.

Dodge - Projectile
This dodge adds to your physical defense when being fired at by a blaster or similar device.
 Note: You can only use one dodge of any type per round.

You can tell something about a scene that perhaps others would not. See a GM.

You know one language (other than your own) for every point of language you have. You must have a good in-game justification for knowing a language not available in translators. Note: Knowing a second or third language that *is* available in translators is sort of useless unless everyoneís translators fail.

You have a keen sense of sight and/or smell and can notice someone stealthed. You must beat their stealth number.

Stalwart of Mind
You can resist mind affects.

Battle Abilities

To use a weapon, you must have a battle ability for that weapon, even if itís only one point. The weapon will be stated for how much damage it does. If you want to just use your hands, you must have the general ability Brawling.

Lightsaber Handling
You know how to use a lightsaber in combat. Does not apply to swords.

Knife Handling
You know how to use a knife in combat.

Blaster Handling
You know how to use a blaster. This is not a required skill if you are at point blank range (4 feet)

Sword Handling
You know how to use a sword in combat. Does not apply to lightsabers.

Special Abilities

With academics, you may have a chance at being able to read and translate texts that are not in a language that you know. This requires time, and is best used between sessions for better results.
Cost: 5 points

First Aid
If someone is bleeding out, or only has taken one point of damage, you can stop them from bleeding out by taking a minute to bandage. You can also heal a point of damage if it is their only point of damage. You cannot perform more complicated doctorings.
Cost: 5 points

High Pain Threshold
You are as susceptible to injury as everyone else, but you donít suffer from role-playing parts of pain, such as shock or some forms of stun. You also donít have your traits halved when at 1 hit point.
Cost: 10 points

You are the original "Renaissance man", with an almost uncountable array of minor skills. You can attempt an action or challenge allowed by any Ability, whether you possess that Ability or not. You never receive penalties for not having an Ability (e.g. Melee).
Cost: 5 Points.


Wealth 1 costs 3. Wealth of a beggar. You begin with 100 simoleans, and get 10 more each session.
Wealth 2 costs 9. Wealth of a blue-collar worker. You begin with 1,000 simoleans, and get 100 more each session.
Wealth 3 costs 18. Wealth of a minor merchant. You begin with 10,000 simoleans, and get 1,000 more each session.
Wealth 4 costs 30. Wealth of a white-collar worker. You begin with 100,000 simoleans, and get 10,000 each session.
Wealth 5 costs 45. Filthy Rich. You start with 1,000,000, and get 100,000 more each session.

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