Pre-rendered MLT Images

Computation times are shown below each image.

3 min
1.8 hr
13 hr
1.5 days rendered at 300x300 (shown at 4 times)

4 min
21 min
1.2 hr
2.4 hr
4.2 hr
8.8 hr
24 hr rendered at 200x200 (shown at 7 times)

5 min
24 min
2.2 hr
5.6 hr
1 day
6.5 min
40 min
3.3 hr
5.25 hr
1 day and ahick specular ring, with caustics on the bottom plane Both images are 120x120 and shown at 5 times. The black dot in the top images is the light source. Also note the indirect illumination inside the shadow in the bottom images.

45 sec
1 hr
4 hr
1 day this is, where all the light is coming from a sphere inside a basically black box (RGB=0.1,0.1,0.1) with two open ends pointing at the red and green walls. There is indirect illumination on the ceiling, floor, and back wall. 115x115 (shown at 4 times)., Photoshopped to increase brightness levels and red levels everywhere. You can see that the left side is definitely more green than the right side, and the right is more red than the left.

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