Firstly, I am deeply indebted to jijis, who graciously granted me permission to alter and use her incredibly striking image "Book" as the backdrop to my home page.


I also owe a great debt to Kevin Price, who so patiently helped me learn the css skills that I so desperately needed in order to get my pages to function as I wanted them to. 


The font used for the header of this page is called "Angry Prego".  It was created by Veredgf and is available for download at 

(To see a different font, click the repopulate button at the top of this page.)

In the grand tradition of Appropriation Art, I have taken numerous images from other artists without obtaining permission to use as the raw materials from which I sculpted both this page and the "read me" page.  Unlike hard-core appropriationists, however, I do believe the artists in question deserve some recognition.  Thus, the following lists (the names on each list correspond to flickr usernames):

Artists represented on this page: Artful Magpie, Bluerose, el7bara, Fabrizio Olivi, g r e e n g a g e, Gondolin Girl, Javier Pico (represented twice), Manuela Hoffman, MiriamLand, raisinsawdust (represented twice), Samuel Thomas

Artists represented on the "read me" page: absolutely lethal, Andrei Lup, fettucininz, irish spring, J.J.D., jerry_hu@Shang Hai, Laura Adams, MelindaCochran, mrs. ladwig, Remy G Al-Eryani, reshmo187, sharmaneeraj, SwEeTcHy, Weeping Willow


I am indebted to my equipment as much as I am to people.  The digital camera I used to take the images in my books was a Fuji FinePix S602.  Every single image (both my own and those appropriated from others) was then altered to at least some degree with Adobe Photoshop CS or, later on, Adobe Photoshop CS3.  I also utilized Microsoft Frontpage 2003, albeit sparsely, to generate some of the html code that I did not write myself.


Although my "home college" is Brown University, I learned many of the skills needed for creating these pages from an (infinitely cheaper) online course taken through Kishwaukee Community College of Illinois - a  source of eminently affordable learning whose quality surprised me and exceeded my expectations.