T h e   R u m p u s   R o o m

All Work and No Play >> ... would make Tech House a dull place. So here, you can see the retro entertainment center in our Rumpus Room, consisting of a Nintendo, a Super Nintendo, and (for the truly old-school) a Colecovision. Through the doorway at right you can see the Work Room, a reminder that the distinction between work and play isn't always clear-cut. [All Work and No Play]

[Woz!] Woz! >> This Mac lets you check your email from the Rumpus Room. When Steve Wozniak (founder of Apple Computer and essentially the inventor of the personal computer) visited Tech House, he autographed the Mac.

Ooh, Mysterious >> These things are lying on the floor of the Rumpus Room right now. I wonder what they could be for...? [Ooh, Mysterious]