Welcome to the International House of Phat Beets!

IHOPB is always full of surprises, like our new Beet Parmigiana. We take the phatest beets, bread them, fry them to just the right crispiness, and smother them with our best beet-based marinara sauce and a good helping of fresh mozzarella cheese. Beet Parmigiana can be accompanied by your favorite breakfast meats, eggs and hash browns. Hurry in because Beet Parmigiana is available for a limited time at participating IHOPB locations. And remember, "If it's beet, it can't be beat!"

IHOPB Celebrates 5 Years of Service!
IHOPB restaurants have been one of America's favorite restaurants since the opening of the first restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland in 1998. This year we celebrate our 5th anniversary as one of America's favorite restaurants. While a great deal has changed in 5 years, many of the best things about IHOPB -- including great-tasting food, friendly service, clean atmosphere and reasonable prices -- have remained the same.

With more than 150 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada, there is sure to be an IHOPB near you. Please click on the picture of the restaurant to find your nearest IHOPB.

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