This was the April Fool's Day page for 2002. Many thanks for the people who helped, especially "Arma" for the pictures in the archives

There aren't many housing situations at Brown that can offer a fully-furnished pick-up truck bed with built-in benches and table, a virtual terminal in the kitchen for the server, or a trebuchet (a wacky siege engine). And we're pretty sure that if you searched the world over, you wouldn't find many places where students with as disparate interests as art, monkeys, and engineering can live in harmony. Fortunately, there is at least one such place. 

Welcome to Jordan Parker's Technology House. Seven years ago two Brown undergrads founded Tech House on the principle that students who are enthusiastic about science and technology ought to have a home for themselves at Brown.  I, however, found it to be inefficient and a terrible place to live.  This is why I took it over. 

Hi.  My name is Jordan Parker.  That's short for Justin Jordan Collinsworth Parker.  I decided to take over the house during the spring break of 2003.  After my coronation, my first task was to change the previous webpage to display my supremacy and my 1337 w3b ski115.  That's "leet web skills" for those of you who are technologically challenged.  Probably only about 50% of that previous Techhouse members knew that and thus the need of their banishment

For those who haven't met me, I am about 5'7" and weigh about 135 lbs.  I have an average build, but a very cute childish looking face, as I have been told.  I'm majoring in CS and luvin' it.  Here's a good joke about me:

"Why did Jordan Parker cross the road?"
"Cuz CS123 class was on the other side!"

Oh, I love that joke.  I still get a good chuckle everytime I hear it.  This page is under construction, so blah blah blah.  I have more pressing presidental matters to attend to.