Discount Ethernet Cable

Prices so low that they have to look up to talk to Tattoo! "Boss! Boss! De network! De network is up! "

Just $5 for the first 5 feet of cable.

Only $0.25 each additional foot!

Tech House Prices

4 ft. $4.75

5 ft. $5.00

7 ft. $5.50

14 ft. $7.25

25 ft. $10.00

100,000 ft. $25,003.75

Bookstore Prices

4 ft. N/A

5 ft. N/A

7 ft. $7.44

14 ft. $10.65

25 ft. $16

100,000 ft. N/A

Don't pay an arm and a leg -- you can't type as fast with only one hand!

We are here:

Interested? Bet you are! Call Aram Berlandi x5454, Soren Spies x5431 or Michael Coglianese x5475 for more info.

Or just mail Soren and get your cable today (well, maybe tomorrow). Tell me how long you want it and give me your number so that when I call you it is because the cable is ready...